On Having Our First Covid Vaccination!

coronavirus vaccination experience

The past 15 months have almost blurred and it sort of feels like it was almost a bad dream, though as I've said so many times, it's difficult to complain when we've been so fortunate to not have lost anybody during the pandemic and to have been able to mostly stay safe at home in our bubble. 

But even so, it wasn't at all easy to lockdown, to stay away from loved ones, to feel afraid to leave your house (especially in the early days of the pandemic), and also to homeschool young children, which is something we found incredibly hard to do day in day out, motivating the boys motivated to sit and learn at home whilst also juggling our own work was a huge challenge.  

But here we are, somewhat back to 'normal'. We still wear masks when we do the school run or go into town and we're not totally clear or restrictions yet, but we can some of our old life back and that feels amazing after a year of being told to stay at home. 

What's also amazing is how fast the vaccination programme has ruled out here in the UK. I feel like once the vaccination was ready it went out at lightning speed and they are already vaccinating 18+ year olds having started with the eldest people in the country. 

Getting our first vaccination at the start of June felt like a moment for sure - it was a huge sense of relief and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to be able to have one. Millions of people here in the UK are double vaccinated already including some of our family members and it's so reassuring as though cases do seem to be climbing again at the moment, deaths from coronavirus are staying low. 

The vaccine made our arms hurt a little bit for a couple of days and I felt exhausted for a few days after too, but asides from that we had absolutely no issues with it. 

We have our second vaccinations booked for 27th August and after that we will be fully vaccinated, unless boosters are needed of course. It give us so much hope in the bid for returning to a more complete sense of normal. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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