How to style The Rooms In Your Home With Desenio Prints & Frames

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while then you will probably know that our home is full art prints, posters and frames from one of our favourite wall art brands - Desenio. The reason we love Desenio so much is that they have so many different type of wall art and frames too choose from like wooden frames and acrylic frames etc,, there is literally something for everyone. We also love their modern designs and Scandinavian style and Desenio's frames are fantastic quality too. We've never been left disappointed and we feel that we've been able to inject so much personality into our home with the help of Desenio's range of wall art. If you've got a blank wall in your home, that 'could do with something', then you really can't go wrong with Desenio. 

Below I am sharing just some of our favourite and also some of our most recent wall art additions to our home to show you how we style the rooms in our home with the help of Desenio and their fantastic prints and frames.

Before we added in some wall art to the stairs and landing area down from our loft conversion, it was totally blank and empty. It was an area we had completely overlooked the it came to decorating. But with the addition of some new frames and art I think that we've totally transformed what was a blank space into something with a bit more personality and character! 

The "My favourite place is inside your hug' frame above my dressing table is one of my favourites and I think it is absolutely perfect for our bedroom. Again, before putting this up, it was a blank overlooked space on the wall that we didn't really know needed something, but now that the frame is there it wouldn't look right without it. 

Honestly, I am utterly IN LOVE with this new lavender field print that we added in this month. Everything about this poster is beautiful and it brings so much warmth to our home. It truly is stunning! If I could describe my perfect 'view' this would be it.

This is another view of our stairs up to our loft conversion/bedroom. We went for a few neutral prints such as as this 'In the reeds' print and the print of a couple. If you search for 'couple' on Desenio there are some amazing prints that would be perfect in a main bedroom. 

Desenio make it very easy for their customers to find the perfect prints for their homes. You can use their search box to search for anything that comes to mind or you can browse by category such as 'kitchen', 'kids wall art', 'animals' and many many more. You can also search by 'bestsellers' and get inspired to create a gallery wall with lots of examples, tips and advice freely available on how best to make a gallery wall work in your home. 

When it comes to the frames for your art prints and posters, I think it's very hard to beat Desenio's quality and I love that you can get prints and frames from one place without having to pay the earth! We love using their frames for our own photographs too. With Desenio you can choose from all different size frames, colours and between metal, wood and even moebe frames which look very modern! 

Something else that Desenio offer is a great range of quote or text posters which can work really well depending on where you are putting them and what they say. We have this 'Change your thoughts' print in our home office and it works perfectly and is a good reminder for the days that we may feel a bit overwhelmed or unmotivated. 

Going back to gallery walls, this is one of the gallery walls that we created in our home. It's in our living room and we have a mix of photographs and Desenio posters/prints here and we think it works really well to fill the space in what had been a big empty wall space that we weren't really sure what to do with beforehand. 

Another print that we have and love (this one is in our kitchen) is this lake reflection poster. We love it so much and it works so well in our kitchen. I love the reflection element to this particular print. 

When it comes to styling the rooms in your home, I really recommended getting some wall art and some good quality frames. Choose prints that work for the space they are intended for and that help tell a bit of a story or more about your own/your families personalities subtly. Personally I think black frames on a white wall give great contrast and look really modern, but of course, the choice is yours! 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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