Christmas In March and Back to Some Sort Of Normality - The Ordinary Moments

It honestly felt like such a long winter and lockdown over the past few months. The skies have been grey, the weather has been cold and not being able to see family or go anywhere had mentally started to take a toll. 

So there really are no words to say how amazing it feels to have had a lift in lockdown rules in that we can now finally meet with family outside including in their back gardens AND for the sun to have decided to come out at the very same time! (Let’s ignore the forecast of snow here in the UK next week!). 

During the week this week after school finished for the day Adam and I took the boys around to see their Grandparents on Adam side of the family. They had been waiting to celebrate Christmas with the boys for months and to celebrate being able to finally get together my mother-in-law decorated outdoors in her back garden with a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations and we even had Christmas plates and crackers. It was SO worth the wait and such a special way to celebrate being able to see each other again! The boys were so happy and it just filled me with such happiness. 

We were so fortunate with the sunshine too, it felt like a summer afternoon and I even got to wear a dress for a change, which after living in joggers/leggings and jumpers for months felt so good! 

After that long winter in lockdown it really has been exactly what we all needed and it has brought so much hope for the rest of the year! I truly just hope that the coronavirus stats stay getting better as they are right now. So far 35 million people in the UK have had their first coronavirus vaccination, which has rolled out so quickly. Adam's Grandad and his partner have had both vaccinations as has my sister who is a nurse and so fingers crossed we continue to be able to ease lockdown and gain back some of our freedom and 'normality'. 

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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