Best Gifts for a New Baby and Their Parents

New parents can be inundated with gifts for their little baby from the moment they are born. You want to make sure your gift is memorable, useful and appreciated by the parents. Here are some brilliant gift ideas for babies and their parents that will come in handy in those precious early months. 

For The Baby


Every new parent knows that keeping socks on a baby can be a difficult task. But, without something covering their feet those tootsies will get cold and might create a chill for the little one. A pair of stylish booties can keep those feet warm while also looking adorable. Choose booties that you would love to wear yourself, with cozy fleece or knitted fabrics. Most babies won’t need hard-wearing shoes in the first months of life, so opt for style and warmth over sturdiness. 

Sensory Muslins

Muslins are a necessity for cleaning up any dribble or mess a baby might create during the day. Sensory muslins have extra value because of their attractive designs. The black and white patterns are specifically created to stimulate and engage babies from 0-4 months as their eyesight develops and adjusts to the world around them. The sharp contrasting pattern is easy for them to understand, and the muslins come with a lot of suggestions of how you and your baby can play with them. 

Hats and Mittens

If a baby is born in the Autumn or Winter, then in the early months they will need hats and mittens to keep them warm when they go outside. While many people may give clothes and sleepsuits to a baby, the heads and hands can often be forgotten about. A matching set of hat and mittens will ensure the child looks adorable when out and about while keeping wrapped up warm. 

For The Parents

In the excitement of buying for a baby, sometimes the parents can be forgotten about. Buying a thoughtful gift for the parent can be super appreciated when they begin to adapt their lives to sleepless nights and endless nappy changes. 

Freezer Meals 

In the first few weeks parents are adjusting to a lot of changes in their lives, so getting the chance to cooked a healthy meal can be challenging. Cooking a few meals that can be stored in their freezer and heated up when needed, will be a comfort and a relief to parents who have enough on their hands. Try to think of the parents' favorite dish and cook that. Remember they will want simple feel-good dishes that can be made up quickly. 

Wine and Cheese

During pregnancy, women are encouraged to stay away from strong cheeses and anything other than tiny amounts of alcohol. After nine months, they may welcome these treats back into their diet with relish. Always read dietary advice for breastfeeding mothers if you are unsure of whether a gift might be suitable. 

Finally, remember that new parents might need all sorts of support in those early months. Adding a little card with a gift that reminds them to call on you when they need a hand will show how much you care for the parents and their new arrival. 

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