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I love how many unique, fun and interesting things you can get as gifts these days. There's something for everyone and it can all be found with just a click of the Internet. I used to think that buying a present for a baby shower could be quite difficult but with the help of sites like http://www.find-a-present.uk/ who scan the Internet looking for the best gifts out there and collate them all under one helpful handy 'baby shower' tab, it's no longer a challenge to find something.

In fact, there's now just so much to choose from that the challenge is picking between gift ideas. For example, how cute and fun are these baby vests? My favourite being 'I don't need Google - my Daddy knows everything'. I love how this references to the modern Internet age we live in and how many of us use Google everyday.

Milestone baby cards seem to be really popular with new parents at the moment. I think they're such a cute idea. You can place them to next baby when they reach a certain milestone, for example 'I smiled for the first time today' and then take a photo. Or you can simply use them alongside a scrap book or a memory book for baby. 

The My Baby's First Year Keepsake calendar looks really interesting - it's the first time I've seen something like this before. And I love the wish jar too as I think it's a lovely idea. The Baby Selfies kit looks like a lot of fun - a fun alternative idea to the normal newborn baby photos. And then there are the more traditional sort of gifts such as a memory keepsake book and a new parents survival guide book, which is a bit of a must-have for most first time parents. 

All of these particular baby shower gift ideas are available from find-a-present.uk, they along with many more ideas can be found under their baby shower menu tab. 

What's your favourite item out of the things I picked out? 

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