Get A Little More Emotional With These Non-Practical Baby Gifts

When it comes to baby gifts, most of the focus is, naturally, going to be placed on helping the parents get everything they need to make sure their child is safe, fed, and clothed. Perhaps you have already nabbed something that’s on their list of requests, but you also want to get them something that’s a little more emotionally fulfilling, as well. Here, we’re going to look at some of the gifts that are a touch on the more sentimental side.

A free pass for some help
One of the things that new parents are going to have far too little of is their own free time. For weeks and months, mum, dad, or both are going to be devoting most of their time to the care of their little one. As such, one of the most widely welcomed gifts is a voucher for you to take care of the baby, allowing the parents some time to take care of their own needs. You might find that a lot of new parents might be a little hesitant to make use of this gift at first. However, before too long, that hesitation in leaving their baby for a while will fade away and they will glad for the break.

A gift for the parents
Naturally, a lot of the gifts given at a baby shower or shortly after the birth of the baby are going to be specifically for the baby. Whether it’s something to help take care of their practical needs or something a little more fun, it tends to all be aimed at the new addition. Parents aren’t likely to feel left out when they’re celebrating the birth of a new member of the family, but it can be a very nice surprise to turn your attention on to them for a moment. For instance, you can offer them an at-home spa kit to help them get some much-needed pampering after the trouble they have gone through or something else that isn’t strictly related to their new role as parents.

Something personalised
One of the reasons to give gifts to a family with a newborn is to celebrate the birth of a new addition of the family, not just to help them take care of it. As such, there are plenty of gifts that can help celebrate the individual, not just the event. Personalised gifts are perfect for this because they are specifically suited to the recipient and no-one else. If they are personalised gifts that make use of their name, such as a special blanket or a storybook, then it also cements that new name in, helping the parents get used to it and fall in love with it all the more. Just make sure it’s a gift that has some use so they have a reason to get it out, too.

Something specific to them
A lot of gifts can be personalised to include the initials, names, and images of the baby in question. However, there are some gifts that are, by definition, personalised to a person. This is, for instance, the case with flowers. A flower arrangement is always a wonderful gift to brighten up the home following a special occasion. However, by using specific flowers, such as the birth flower of October for an October baby, it makes the arrangement more special to the moment, as well. The same goes for birthstones, which is why a lot of people will get the mother jewellery that incorporates that stone to help them commemorate the birth of the baby.

Building and celebrating memories
Just as there are personalised gifts, there are gifts that might not be personal just yet, but can be made so when they’re used appropriately. Some of the most common sentimental gifts for families with newborns include those that help them commemorate certain periods and times in the early years of a child’s growth. For instance, a baby footprint kit allows parents to take a cast of their baby’s foot, either when they’re first welcomed home or when they take their first steps. Other similar gifts can include a photo wall portrait kit that makes it easy for parents to hang up their favourite shots of their baby as soon as they take them. It allows parents to choose the moments that feel most special to them.

Get cute and stylish
There is always a practical benefit of buying clothes for baby. For one, they tend to make such a mess on a regular basis that it’s important to have plenty of replacements. Secondly, the parents will appreciate if you get clothes that are even a bit too big for them since they’re very likely to soon grow into them anyway. However, it’s not an entirely practical gift, either. The parents are going to appreciate seeing their baby in all sorts of cute and stylish outfits, building that bond by making them coo and smile over their baby. Just make sure that you’re choosing clothes that are easy to use and have some practical application. There’s no point getting them an outfit if it’s difficult to wear or to find an excuse to put on.

Old favourites
We all like to pass along the things that are important to us to the children in our lives. One gift that can get a lot of sentiment behind it is to give the baby some of the children’s books that might have either been your personal favourites or favourites of either or both of the parents. Which stories we pass on tend to have a lot of meaning to us. By passing them on to a new generation, we preserve the story as well as the emotional connection we have to it.

If you aim to be a big part in the life of both parents and baby, then getting them a gift that has more an emotional impact can make it clear how dear they are to you. The gift ideas above are just a couple of examples, but hopefully, they inspire a few ideas of your own, as well.

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