7 Amazing Ideas for Personalised New Baby Gifts

A relative or a friend just gave birth and it’s time for you to find a gift for the little one. Are you confused about what to pick? You can be sure of one thing — there’s going to be a flurry of soft toys, onesie gift sets, baby care combos, 10 pack diapers, and so on. If you wish to add to that pile of baby stuff, go ahead. But if you want your gift to stand out, then a personalised gift is what you should be looking for.  
Here are some gift ideas that are as unique as they are useful. What’s better? They’ll bear your personal touch!  

1. Newborn photo session
Yes, that’s right! You can book a professional photographer for an hour-long session where new parents get to create precious frames of memories with their bundle of joy. This incredibly thoughtful gift can be an absolute treat for the family — one that they’ll cherish for a long, long time…possibly forever! 
2. Monogrammed bed set 
A set of sheets, pillowcases, and quilts that carries the baby’s name on them is a super cute addition to the nursery. It could be hand-printed or embroidered; just make sure to go for something neutral to avoid colour clashing.     
3. Personalised clothing
We know how fast babies grow out their clothes right? But a personalised clothing item isn’t something that will be tossed away once the baby grows. A personal touch can turn a piece of clothing into something memorable. For example, a printed onesie or a pair of socks personalised for the little bub won’t just brighten up the wardrobe in the best possible way, but also serve as a souvenir for the parents. 
4. Custom pendant set 
This is an exceptional idea if you’re looking for something special to gift to a baby girl. A pair of pendants designed similarly or in complimenting styles can be an endearing way to celebrate the beautiful mother-daughter bond.  
5. Personalised print or canvas
A creative print or canvas bearing the baby’s name, birth date, and time of birth can be a lovely token of remembrance and celebration of the baby’s arrival. What’s more? It is sure to spark moments of joy for the family years down the line. 
6. Christening blanket
A baby blanket personalised with name and Christening date is a perfect gift for newborns. It will wrap them up snugly and keep them toasty on their big day and beyond. 
7. Gift hampers
New baby hampers like the ones from Pearsons Gifting offer you a range of delightful choices that include toys, baby essentials, clothing, nursery decorations, and more. Thoughtfully curated and crafted, these hampers can be personalised and you can even add a little something for parents. 
So there you go — seven exciting gifting ideas for the tiny new human that are fun, practical and oh-so-unique.  

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