A New Normal For A While... UK Coronavirus Lockdown

I don't think anyone expected 2020 to look the way that it currently does. We're currently in lockdown here in the UK at the moment, like many other countries are. COVID 19 or coronavirus as it is known has forced so many of us to stay at home to avoid catching it. The schools are closed as are the non-essential (food and pharmacy) shops. The hospitals are experiencing a HUGE increase in patients and the numbers of cases and deaths are currently rising every day. It's completely surreal and a bit like a bad dream, but it's our new normal for a while until we as a world find a way to get through this. 

The most important advice being reiterated is to stay at home unless you need essential food/medicine and if you don't work in an essential job and to wash your hands often. We are currently allowed out for one exercise a day but have to keep 2 metres apart. Basically, we all need to avoid each other, unless you live in the same household and aren't showing any symptoms of the coronavirus (if you are presenting with symptoms then you are being asked to isolate in another room to your family). 

It's a very strange time and we don't know how long it will take for things to go back to 'normal'. Today I should have been in London with my Husband at a Dermot Kennedy concert. We'd also booked a red wine and cheese tasting experience, but due to the lockdown, we're at home. And whilst I'd love to have been in London right now having a bit of me-time with my Husband, I am actually just feeling incredibly grateful that we all get to be at home, safe here in our home and together as a family. I think a lot about the people who can't be at home at the moment, because they work in essential jobs such as for the NHS or in teaching (where the schools have remained open for children of essential workers) or for the supermarkets and other essential roles and my level of appreciation and admiration for them all is huge. I love the way that so many people have pulled together to help others in this situation from people asking if their elderly neighbours need help with shopping to clapping and showing appreciation from our doorsteps for our incredible NHS staff on a Thursday night. 

The virus is serious and it's killing a lot of people with more deaths to come and that fact is forever looming over us like a bad cloud, even during the times of distraction at home where just for a while things feel somewhat normal. We're trying to stay positive though and a lot of that comes from feeling thankful for things like having a back garden to get a bit of fresh air in and for letting the kids run about in. And for financial security for the moment (we had some money aside for a house deposit as we were going to do buy to let). And for mostly being able to stay at home safe with each other, only leaving for essential food shops for ourselves and Adam's Grandad and for Adam to take his parcels to the Post Office. And for facetime, which means can stay connected with family. And so many other things that, in a situation like this, remind you to count your blessings. 

We're in a unique time at the moment, this situation will make the history books, which is actually quite strange to think. And so a big part of me wants to capture this new foreseeable 'normal'. As I said above we're very fortunate in that our jobs mean that we get to be at home with our boys. Parenting 24/7 is of course, intense, but a huge part of me is treasuring the extra time that we are getting together. It's making me grey at times, but I am actually enjoying teaching the boys and doing some learning at home. We've also been doing different art and craft activities, joining in with yoga and PE with Joe Wickes on YouTube, playing games together, having dance parties and lots more and it's made us all feel a lot closer and connected. 

Mothers day was a simple but lovely day. It began with cuddles and homemade cards from the boys and then a lovely facetime chat with my family! The sun came out so we washed the cars together and cleaned the back garden where it had got a bit mossy from Winter. 

Playing eye spy from our front door step!
Home learning!

The boys playing 'swimming pool's, they made a diving board out of the sofa cushions and then got themselves changed into swimming/beach clothes complete with a hat and sunglasses!

Logan made scambled egg for himself and Daddy (with a bit of help from Mummy!).

Learning in the sunnshine!

We coloured rainbows whilst learning the french names for the colours.

Doing Yoga at home!
We've not gone for many walks despite being technically allowed one per day. But we went for a 10-minute scoot up and down the road and saw that our local park is obviusly sealed off for the time being.

The boys have spent a lot more time playing with each other (between the squabbling haha) and have enjoyed a few sleepovers!

Learning with numberblocks.

Ethan is 7 in 2 weeks and will be having his birthday in lockdown. We will keep things as normal as possible and he'll still have his birthday presents, balloons, cake and we'll do lots of fun family things together at home.

Making rainbows!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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