The secret is out: Pass your MOT without trouble

Is your car MOT coming up soon? 
If so, you'll be pleased to know that there are a few things that you can do to help your car pass it's MOT in just a few simple steps. Obviously, you won’t be able to run a complete MOT check like a professional garage would do, but still there are things you can perform at home to help your car sail through its's MOT and skip the discomfort of a re-test.

London & Buckinghamshire have difficult traffic to deal with – that is because of the increase in number of inhabitants every year. If your MOT is not done, you will be exposed to a penalty and your car’s performance will suffer when you are passing through a congested locality.
  • Clean your car up
Give your car a full clean before it's MOT. This means cleaning all exterior as well as the interior of the car. This will create a good impression and you will be more confident at the time of testing.
  • Check car mirrors
Is the rearview mirror in good condition? What about the wing mirror? Faulty mirrors will be detected at the time of testing and it will lead to other troubles later. 
  • Check all lights
All lights have to be squeaky clean and undamaged so you can reduce your chances of failing the test. This is applicable to all vehicle lights.
  • Go to the right MOT tester
Last but not least, the MOT tester has to be someone with the right accreditation and an honest attitude. In London to be specific you can find many places for MOT testing but it is a wise approach to choose a centre which won’t make a hefty bill of repairs at the end. There are many fair local MOT testers out there, for instance you can talk to experts at Iverson Tyres for booking your MOT in London, you can call 020 8566 4666 too.
  • Are the tyres damaged?
Check your car tyres for any signs of depreciation way in advance of the MOT. Old and worn-out tyres will need replacing and it's a good idea to get this done before you take your car for an MOT as this will allow you to search around for good deals and save yourself a bit of money. 

I hope this has been helpful! Good luck with your MOT!

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