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This time of year is all about traditions and I love that over the years we've made some lovely Christmas traditions with our boys such as choosing an evening in December to have a drive around when it's dark looking at all of the sparkly Christmas lights and decorations on peoples houses. There's a street known as 'Christmas Street' not too far from us and the residents there go all out and collect money for charity every year. We also love collecting treats and other bits from the shops to take the local cattery just before Christmas and we make sure that we do it every year so that they boys understand that Christmas is about giving as well as receiving. 

Of course, we also like to do lots of fun at-home activities with the boys too, like writing a letter to Santa, making Christmas cards, creating festive crafts, baking cakes and even making Christmas Lego ornaments. 

This year Funky Pigeon have very kindly gifted Ethan and Logan a few lovely gifts from their wide-range of Christmas gifts for kids to help us make the most of our fun Christmas activity traditions and so I thought I'd share some of the things we've been up to so far to give you a little inspiration if you are looking for some Christmas-related activities to do with your little ones... 

Christmas letters to wish lists 

I can still remember as a child writing my Christmas letter to Santa, I never asked or expected much and I always used to ask how he was and tell him 'I'd be very grateful for any spare toys' - I remember writing those letters so fondly and so it's very nostalgic helping my children to write theirs.

The boys have been writing their wish lists and their letters to Santa, as well as drawing pictures and things for us in their new festive 'Tis The Season photo notebooks which they absolutely love.When these arrived I was bursting to show them because I knew how much they'd make them smile especially so as they have their names and our photos on. I used photos from last Christmas to make their books super festive, but I love that you could personalise these for any occasion such as for a family holiday. 

Christmas card making and Christmas Crafting

Another thing that we really enjoy doing with the boys is Christmas card making and crafting and the Crayola Mega Activity Tub (below) from Funky Pigeon has been ideal for helping us with that. It includes Super Tip pens, a funny faces colouring book with 2 sticker sheets, coloured pencils, metallic paint, modelling clay and crayons and it's the perfect size for sharing. The boys have had so much fun getting creative with it and making things for people for Christmas. 

Christmas-themed Lego building

It's very well known that we are Lego-mad in our house and so, of course, one of our traditions this time of year involves Lego. Last year we built our own custom DIY Lego Christmas decorations and this year the boys have enjoyed building and playing with a LEGO City Arctic Ice Glider each. 

This little winter-themed set was a perfect size for them to do on their own and they were so proud of being able to put it together independently. It gives them a little something to play with during the build-up to Christmas. 

We don't normally do Christmas Eve boxes, but I can imagine that this set would be a perfect addition to something like that or even an amazing stocking filler as it's priced at just £4.99 via Funky Pigeon.(Don't forget, I also have a 20% off promotional code which can be found at the end of this post. So if you do purchase anything make sure you take advantage of that).  

Doing puzzles together

One of our favourite at-home activities to do with the boys is doing puzzles together. Logan especially is obsessed with completing puzzles and he was so excited when this Paw Patrol Mighty Pups 4-in-1 puzzle arrived as he loves Paw Patrol! I think these puzzles are such a good price as there are four to do in each box and the boxes are just £5.99 each. The Marvel Avengers 4-in-1 puzzle can be found here. 

Christmas baking

Something else that we like to do this time of year to help build excitement as Christmas approaches is a bit of Christmas baking with the boys. We keep it simple and usually buy a cupcake/cookie mix box so that it's easy enough for the boys (and us, haha!) to do. Both of the boys absolutely love getting involved with both baking and cooking, so much so that I'm sure Logan is going to be a chef when he's older! 

They certainly feel the real deal when they are wearing their Bestest Little Helper Kid's Personalised Apron's from Funky Pigeon, which I think they look SO cute in. They love that they have an apron each for when they are helping and they love them even more so because they have their actual names on!  

If you've got a little one that loves helping out with the cooking or with baking, these are such an ideal gift to make them feel like a proper chef! 

So those are some of our favourite family things to do this time of year! What traditions and Christmas activities do you enjoy doing with your children? 

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