Tips for a Less Cluttered Handbag

Some people refer to women's bags as Aladdin's caves of stuff and we are all familiar with that feeling of rummaging around in a bag for something we are sure is in there, but is buried deep under a whole raft of other items. 
The truth is that bags are just plain convenient and while when we just have pockets to rely on we might be more frugal about what we carry around with us, for many people, a bag is a great place to throw in all manner of things that may or may not come in handy, leading to a cluttered, frustrating experience.

Why Clutter is Bad
Having too much stuff in your day bag is not just annoying, either. Carrying the weight of all of those objects on your shoulder can lead to posture problems and aches and pains, and it also isn't good for the bag. If you have a bag you really love, you don't want to strain the material or the straps by filling it with bulky stuff you don't need! So, here are some tips for minimising clutter in your bag:
Have Some 'Bag Specific' Smaller Items
You may find it helpful to carry a hairbrush, a compact, a few make-up items, perfume, and various other things, and that is fine. However, to avoid your bag feeling bulky and also to prevent yourself from packing in a load of stuff just because you think you might need it, it is better to have a few smaller items that just live in your bag. 
A folding hairbrush, a small make-up kit from your favourite brand with a mirror and applicators included, and a sample size perfume bottle can make for a much easier to manage experience than moving a load of stuff from your dressing table into your purse before you go out for the day! 
Don't Hoard
It's easy to stuff things in your bag and forget about them, but they just end up making you feel more cluttered. If someone hands you a leaflet you aren't interested in, or you get a receipt for an item you have no intention of saving (a lot of the things you buy you wouldn't consider returning and don't need receipts for, for accounting reasons), you need to get used to throwing it away (recycling if you can).
Have a Weekly Clean
Once a week, give your bag a little clean on the outside to keep it looking nice (use the right cleaning method for the fabric) and check the inside for any stuff you can take out. This will help you avoid ending up with random old packs of gum of dubious age and other useless things like that in your bag.
Is it Time to Upgrade?
However, it might simply be the case that the bag you are using is too small for your everyday needs. In this case, you might want to treat yourself to a larger designer bag. There is a great collection of Saint Laurent bags and bags from other designers at online retailer SSENSE. They come in all different sizes, so there is one for every occasion. Going for designer over a high street brand means that you are less likely to need to replace it when the straps or handles become worn through overuse.
Getting more efficient and a bit more ruthless about what you keep in your bag will make your bag look good for longer and also make using it a lot more comfortable! Try these tips today!

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