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9 Of The Best Amazon Buys I've Bought Over The Years

Before I begin I should tell you that this isn't a collaborative post with Amazon, I simply go to Amazon for most things and over the years I have found and purchased quite a few things that we absolutely love and use daily or near enough daily.

Amazon is the place I always check first when it comes to finding out the usual cost of something. They tend to have pretty much everything on there from tech to toys, to home decor to cleaning products and so much more - I've even bought cat food and litter from there too! Their prices always seem to be really good and some stores will even price match with Amazon if you ask them too.

Over on my YouTube channel today, I've explained in more depth why these 9 items below have made the list when it comes to some of my top Amazon purchases (though it was particularly hard to narrow it down), but here's a small run down also.

Eletorot Candle Lighter Rechargeable 
We've always had the candle lighters that need refuelling, but this clever little candle lighter is rechargeable with a USB. There's no flame on it, just an electrical type spark. There's a display on the front which tells you how much power it has left and what's even better is that you can bend and adjust the neck to reach into awkward places. It's so clever and was such a good find! Find it here.

Groov-e Kidz On-Ear Headphones
These are our boys' new headphones, we only recently bought them, but I can already tell that we're going to get good use out of them. We bought them for half price on Amazon and they're so comfortable. The sound is also crystal clear making them perfect for use with the iPad at home or when we are travelling. Find them here. 

Folding Step Stool with Carry Handle
We use our folding step stool in our kitchen every single day. It's brilliant because it folds down very easily and super quick to go flat, so it can be stored easily and can also be taken when going away if needed.

The boys use it to wash their hands and to reach the side when they're helping us out. We also use it to reach up into our extra tall kitchen cabinet units. We already have a stool in there, but it would be brilliant in the bathroom too for helping little ones reach the sink when brushing their teeth or washing their hands. Find it here.  

VonShef 3 Tier Spice Herbs Rack
This clever spice rack has been one of my favourite ever Amazon purchases from as soon as it arrived. It is such a clever storage idea - utilising the inside back of the kitchen cabinet door (a place we never would have otherwise been using it). And I love how it displays all of the spices and herbs that we have so we're not having to root through them to find the one we need or re-purchasing certain ones that we already have. Find it here. 

Recipe Kitchen Book Holder Stand 
Following recipes is so much easier thanks to this clever recipe stand my Husband found. You can very easily adjust the height at the back depending on how much you want the recipe book to be and it also folds completely flat for easy storage. We use it with all of our cookbooks and recipe cards as well as an iPad stand for when we are following a recipe online. Find it here.

best kids cups, best sippy cups, non spill sippy cups
Munchkin Miracle 360 Degree Sippy Cup
We've used these cups for the boys for years as they are the best we've ever tried. They're clever little cups that let the liquid inside pass through the rubber at the top, but that prevent spillages when the drinks are knocked over. I wouldn't say they are 100% spill proof, but when compared with other drinks cups we've tried, they're amazing!  Find them here. 

best vlogging ring light, vlogging ring light, vlogging light, ring light, neewer ring light
Neewer 18-inch Outer Dimmable SMD LED Ring Light 
I honestly can't believe the difference owning and using a ring light has made to my videos. If you want to see how much of a difference, then head over to my YouTube video to see what it looks like when I film with and without it. Obviously, I use mine for the sit-down youtube videos I film, but it's the sort of thing that is perfect for anyone with an interest in photography or for anyone that needs to take pictures of products for their own home business. Find it here. 

Anker 4-Port USB Plug Charger
This Anker 4-Port USB Plug Charger is ideal for travelling or for those of you who stay away quite a bit. When we go away we literally just take this plug and a couple of wires for our tech like our phones, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook and any other items that work or are charged via USB and then when we get to our hotel we just need to use the one plug socket. (Anyone else find that hotels tend to not have very many convenient plug sockets?!). It's so handy and it means when we leave we just simply unplug this one plug from the socket and go. It can also be used abroad with just one travel adaptor. Find it here. 

Packing Cubes (6 pack)
It's difficult to explain just how good packing cubes are, but they really are amazing for keeping your suitcase organised when you go away. I initially bought one pack, but after realising how good they were I've since purchased two more packs in different colours so that I can organise by colour too for different people.

I always manage to keep on top of what I've packed using these. I also always manage to fit more in as I roll the clothes up into sort of packets and then secure them by zipping up the cubes. I find that when it comes to sharing suitcases it keeps clothes organised and separate which makes it so much easier to find different people's clothes when on holiday. Our suitcases stay a lot neater with these and when we've worn clothes on holiday that need washing, I separate dirty clothes into one of the cubes ready to simply empty them straight into the washing bin when we're back. Find them here. 

What things have you bought from Amazon that you now couldn't be without?

Thank you for reading.
Alex xo

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