6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Family Garden

Work on our garden finished early this year and honestly, I think out of all the money that we've spent turning our house into a home, doing our garden really has got to be one of my favourite things that we've done! There's nothing like sitting out in the fresh air with a drink on our new outdoor sofa on our new decking area in the sun, looking back at our family home and everything we've achieved with it whilst watching our two little boys play. It's bliss! 

Today I am going to share a few ideas that I have, plus some things that we've done personally for making the most out of a family garden, no matter what the size. 

1. Think about where the sun is 
If you're in a position where you are redesigning your garden or changing it around, make sure you take into consideration where you get the most sun in your garden. We've never really got a lot as our garden faces the wrong way for it, but since redesigning our garden and adding decking to the corner of the garden where we did get a little bit of sun, it feels like we get SO much sun now. Obviously, this hasn't actually changed, we are now instead simply utilising the space that we didn't before. 

2. Bring the inside out
One of my favourite things to do when the sun comes out is to bring the indoors outside. Things like cushions, toys for the boys, their tents and tunnels, candles in the evening, blankets and even small outdoor rugs. It all helps to create a cosy, relaxed environment and almost feels like your home has gained a new room! 

3. Add some fun
If you've got little ones, add some fun to your garden with whatever works for your garden space. If you've got a large garden then these days you can get some really brilliant swing sets that can be combined with slides and climbing extensions from brands like Wickey. If you've got a smaller garden, then pop up tents and tunnels work well and can be easily stored away or back indoors. We've got quite a small garden and Ethan was recently bought a pair of football goals for the garden, the brilliant thing about them is that once he's finished playing they simply pop down back into the bag they came in and then they fit into the shed without taking up much room. 

4. Add mirrors
It might sound a bit odd, but this is such a clever way to create the illusion that your garden is larger than it is. A small garden mirror not only adds a feeling of more space, but will bring more light to your garden also, especially in corners that may be a little dark. You can get some really great looking garden mirrors and even ones that look a bit like windows. 

6. Add lighting 
It's so inexpensive to add some lighting to your garden, it really doesn't need to be anything fancy. Most stores sell solar lights for a pound or so each and they can really add that something extra to your garden, not to mention how cosy they'll make it feel in the evening. 

7. Hide your bins
If you store your bins in your back garden, you can hide them easily using things like willow or wooden screens so that you don't have to have them on show when you're trying to relax in your garden space. 

I hope this post was helpful. I'd love to know any tricks you know of or use for getting the most out of back garden space?

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo

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  1. Love your garden and these ideas are great. We want to try and sort ours out soon as it is an empty shell at the moment. Would love it like another room, like one of your suggestions. Your garden is stunning x