Top 5 things to get your son for his 18th birthday

**Today's post is a guest post to give you some inspiration if you're currently on the lookout for the perfect 18th birthday present. My favourite idea is getting them their first very own 'proper' suit to help give them a great start to their working life, what's your favourite idea?

Your son’s birthday is approaching and you’ve got no idea of what to buy him, sound about right? Well, that’s not a problem, we’ve scoured the internet and come up with the top 5 things to get your son for his 18th birthday. These gifts range in price and suit a variety of different personalities and hobbies, so you’ll be sure to find something that he likes.  

  1. Personalised Number Plate 
Chances are now that your son is about to turn 18, is he on his way to or has passed his driving test and wanting to get his own car and gain some independence. Why not make his first car extra special with a personalised number plate? You can get a used private number plates online, through registered DVLA suppliers such as NewReg.co.uk at a low cost so it won’t be breaking the bank. Have the plate placed on his new car or let him keep it until he has found the perfect one. 

  1. A Suit 
Now he’s all grown up it’s time to prepare your son for adulthood, and what better way than to get him his first ‘proper’ suit. We don’t mean a suit for prom or college, but this time one he’ll have to wear for working life. Suits can be expensive, therefore it’s a great gift to help him along and look smart in preparation for job interview etc. Want to make the experience even more prestigious? Why not take your son to a suit fitting so he can have the outfit made to measure which makes it truly unique? 

  1. VR Headset
They’re all the rage at the moment, with big companies such as Sony PlayStation creating their own virtual reality headsets and compatible games to go with them. VR has completely changed the world of gaming and is definitely going to be the way forward, so let them get ahead of the game. If you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of reviews online comparing the different VR systems you can purchase. There are also bundles available so that you can save money getting games with the VR meaning they can use it straight away without having to purchase separate games. 

  1. Table Football Set 
Is your son moving out soon? Or does he have his own little ‘man cave’ in his room? Keep him entertained with a table football set that will keep him away from his games console for a little while and allow for a technology break. It’s also a great gift if your son has friends round often or a great way to bond and play with your son, there is hours of entertainment packed into a table football set. Worried there’s no space for it? Don’t fear, you can get them in different sizes to suit the space available in his home/room. 

  1. A Drone

This could quite possibly be the master of all tech gadgets at the moment. Everyone wants to give a drone a try. They may be small but they produce the most amazing photos and videos that will certainly enhance your son’s photography hobby. Most drones are ultra-portable and can be carried around in a case for protection, although still make sure your son is extra careful as they are extremely delicate. A drone can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be, depending on the features and quality you want, they are definitely worth investing in and will put you in the good books for your son’s birthday.

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