10 Unique Baby Girl Names That I Love

I think it's safe to say that two is our magic number when it comes to having children. We always said that we'd love to have two children, two years apart and we were fortunate and lucky enough to be able to have just that. When it comes to thinking about having any more children, we feel like we're happy and content as we are. There's two of us and two little ones and it feels right for us that way. I love being able to give them each dedicated time and I also love being able to still have dedicated time with my Husband too.

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Before I was pregnant Adam and I said how lovely it would be to have a boy, but when I became pregnant the main thing was just that the baby was healthy. We never thought we'd go on to have two little boys (despite that being something we always said we would love) because there are so many females in my family especially.

I think sometimes people can assume that if you don't have a particular gender of child (in our case a little girl) that it's probably something that you'd like, but for us we're really happy with the two children we have. I don't feel the need to try for a daughter at all.

Despite feeling content as a family of four, I still often hear names that I think would be so lovely for other children. Some of my favourite girl names are names like Jessica (which is what Ethan would have been called if he'd been a girl) and also Lara (which is what Logan would have been named if he had been born a girl), but I also have a list of unique and unusual baby girl names that I really like the sound of. And since I am not going to have any use for them, I thought I would share them with you all here in case anyone else is looking for some name inspiration for a soon to be born little girl. :)

1. Rosaleen - it's of Irish origin and it means a flower or a rose and it's such a pretty name!

2. Faith - I've always loved Faith - I think I first heard it from the TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I've loved it from there.

3. Elliana - I am a HUGE fan of names like Ellie or Ella and so Elliana is a more unique and unusual version of those names that I love.

4. Esme / Esmeralda - I really like the name Esme, I'm not sure why I just think it sounds so lovely. Esmeralda would be so nice as the full name to Esme.

5. Olympia - This name is one I've only recently started to love, but it's so unique and it always makes me think of strength and independence.

6. Alessia - Alessia is such a pretty name. I think it's actually the Irish version of Alexia! Lessie is also really nice as a shortened version of Alessia.

7. Aurora - This is such a pretty name and always makes me think of the Disney princess!

8. Theo / Theodora - Theo has become one of my absolute favourites and I think Theodora as a full name is so lovely too!

9. Belle - This is from my favourite Disney movie, Beauty & The Beast. I relate to Belle's personality a lot and I love the name as it's so pretty. I also like Bella (but then that's probably because I really like the Twilight moves too!).

10. Beckett - I like the name Beck which I heard recently on the Netflix show 'You'. Her full name wasn't Beckett but it's a name I really like for a girl. It can be used as a boy's name too, but then I like names like that which are gender neutral (a bit like my own name!).

What unique and unusual baby girl names do you love? Let me know if you'd like me to share my favourite unique baby boy names with you too!

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo 


  1. After my sister got pregnant last year, she vowed that they weren't going to have anymore children. She did not enjoy her pregnancy for medical reasons. So (for now) my little nephew Nolan is their only child. Originally, they were going to name him Oliver Wayne, but when we were growing up, we had an orange cat named Oliver so mom kept telling her that if they agreed on it, she'd call him "Meow-Meow" after the cat, thus the name Nolan Wayne!

    As far as girl names, they had a few that they liked. She's always wanted to use Zavery Marie since she was in middle school. I love it, but her husband didn't. The other names were Emersyn Morgan, Morgan Page, and Braydi Morgan. The name Morgan was our papaw's middle name so she wanted to use it for a girl instead. :)

  2. I loved the name Faith when I was expecting Piglet. However, with a five year age gap between her and Tigger I was worried that people would read too much into the name (if you kn what I mean), so sadly discounted it