Our Christmas 2018

Hello! - Sorry that it's been a while. I ended up taking a couple of weeks off over Christmas whilst the boys were off school to enjoy the time with them and to soak up all the of Christmas festivities and it was lovely, so lovely. But it's good to be back - it's good to be back into a sort of routine again and to be back writing on here.

Christmas this year was like a dream. I really did have such a nice time. The thing is is that since becoming a parent Christmas time has become more and more one of my favourite times of the year. My excitement levels seem to increase each year as the boys get older and understand and appreciate it all more and more. Adam and I try, like most parents do, to make the whole of December and the big build up to Christmas as exciting as possible for the boys. We want them to grow up with the fondest Christmas memories and we want to start and pass on traditions that they'll hopefully carry on when they have their own families.

Honestly, I think this Christmas might have just been my absolute favourite so far, though I know I probably say that every year. ;) This year was our first time hosting - we decided to host because to be honest whilst the boys are young I like the idea of being at home Christmas day, rather than rushing them out of the door when all they really want to do is play with their new toys. I also want them to feel included and to be a part of it all and it can sometimes be a bit tricky if we go somewhere where there's a lot of adults and no other children. We also decided to host as this was our first Christmas following our extension and house renovations and excitingly, we now have the space to be able to host a few people over for a sit-down dinner at Christmas.

We had an idea for how we wanted this Christmas to go, and I'm so pleased that it went exactly like we hoped it would - Adam's parents and his sister came over to us as well as his Grandad and his Grandad's partner and Adam cooked a vegetarian roast which everyone seemed to enjoy. Dinner was followed by pudding, presents and games and then Adam's parents and his sister slept at ours overnight which was lovely as it was like a fun sleepover which meant that we could all stay up a bit later playing games and all having a drink. And then in the morning, we all got to have breakfast together before Adam, I and the boys headed over to my Mum's for boxing day, which was also a LOT of fun with more food, games, presents and quality family time.

I wasn't on social media at all, but as I do every year I took a few snaps on my DSLR and I recorded snippets on my camera to put together a video so that we'd always be able to look back on our Christmas 2018 memories. Below are some of my favourite photos from over the Christmas period as well as our Christmas vlog. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time with your families and I hope you all have a wonderful 2019!

One of our Christmas traditions is taking present to the animals at our local RSPCA shelter. It's one we'll always continue to do as I think it's important for the boys to understand charity and also the act of giving at christmas time too as well as recieving. We're also a family of animal lovers and I actually hope to be able to volunteer some time at the shelter in 2019 now that Logan goes to nursery a couple of days a week. 

 Visiting 'Christmas street' - a street not far from us that go all out with their festive decorations to raise money for charity. 

  Meeting Santa at Dobbies. We went with my in-laws as we did last year and then had lunch in the cafe afterwards which was so lovely

 Yay for managing to capture a picture of the boys in front of the Christmas tree this year which isn't blurry! ;) 

 Christmas Eve (one of my favourite days of the year). We stayed home just us four, got in our pj's early, played games, built Christmas LEGO, ate snacks, listened to the village band, read Christmas stories, watched Christmas tv shows, laid the stockings at the end of the bed and then Adam and I cuddled up and watched a movie on the sofa before going to bed ourselves. 

Christmas morning - opening presents! They boys were so excited. Logan was slightly confused as I think he expected to find Santa in our living room in the morning, bless him!

 There's nothing quite like Christmas morning mess! Weirdly, despite being a tidy person usually, I love it! 

vegetarian christmas dinner
  Vegetarian Christmas dinner! 

vegetarian christmas dinner
  The boys great-grandad and Maureen his partner.

 The boys with their Grandma on Christmas day.

 Adam playing us some songs.

 At my Mum's for Boxing Day!

 My Mum knows how to make me happy! ;)



Thank you for reading.
Alex xo


  1. Awww Alex. these are such lovely memories you captured. I love the matching striped pyjamas you're wearing. And Charlie in the middle of it all lol hope he's doing ok now and is adjusting ok to the outside World I'll watch the video later once the munchkins are asleep. Happy New Year to you. I've published our Christmas post today too. :) xx

  2. Glad you all had a lovely Christmas! Great photos. "Christmas Street" looks good, and I love the pic of the cat among the wrapping paper! :)


  3. You did an amazing job with the photos there. What camera did you use?