A Monthly Family Album For Grandparents In Just 2 Minutes - Neveo Review

In this age of modern technology and the Internet it's become easy to keep up with other peoples lives. We can send, receive and share photographs and moments at the touch of a fingertip. But it can be easy to forget that not everybody is a whizz at technology or even has access to the Internet. 

Look at our children's great-grandparents and even some grandparents for example, they grew up without the Internet and it would be wrong to assume that they completely understand how to use it to stay up to date with all the family going on's. 

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Recently, a brand new company called Neveo have come up with a fantastic new idea to ensure that the older generation can be kept in the loop even from afar. They've brought out a new app for Apple and Android which allows you to share your best photo-moments with your grandparents through a monthly family journal.

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Each month you can log on to their app and then choose up to 50 photographs that you'd like to send to your grandparent/s. You can add on captions to each photo to explain what was going on or where you were and you can even invite other family members to join in and post their own photos if they want to. You can invite as many people to contribute as you'd like, they just need to accept your invitation to get started.

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Once you've added the photos you want to, Neveo does the arranging of the journal for you, so you don't even need to worry about that.

Once you've finished uploading and adding your captions, Neveo will send out your finished family journal for your children's grandparents to receive, enjoy and keep forever. 

neveo review,

This is a fantastic way to ensure that grandparents that may not live close or use the Internet still get to enjoy seeing how their grandchildren are getting on and what they've been getting up to each month. Personally, I think it makes for a lovely gift, especially this time of year at Christmas. 


The first month is just £0.99 and following that the cost is £9.99 per month (50 photos' plan).

There is currently a Christmas promotion on their annual plan of  3 months free (out of 12), making the total cost £89.91 for the year instead of £119.

You can find out more about the monthly service here.

Thank you for reading. 
Alex xo 

**I have collaborated with Neveo on this post, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are, as always, entirely my own.  


  1. This is such a lovely idea for family and friends to keep up to date with the kids.

  2. This is such a great idea, more so for families who live far apart and don't get to see everyone regularly x