6 Tips For Easy And Laid Back Potty Training

Ah, the potty training stage! Not the most funnest of stages for us parents, but one that we all have to face at some point. It's easy to dread this stage or to worry about it, but take away the pressure of having to tackle potty training simply to 'hit a milestone' by a certain age and you can take a far more relaxed approach with it, which will make things for both you and your child 100 times easier.

We've just come to the end of our potty training journey as our youngest and final child is now potty trained and having been through the process twice now, we definitely think that the second time around was a whole lot easier. I think this comes down to us just being a lot more relaxed and laid back with it this time. Our approach this time was just to sort of let it happen when it was ready to to help make the transition feel more natural for our little boy and with that approach, and a few little changes, it felt like it just sort of happened. 

Below I'm going to share 6 tips for easy and laid back potty training with your toddler, including some sithat worked for us.

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1. Wait until they're ready, try not to rush them. 
I personally think there's so much pressure put on babies and toddlers when it comes to hitting milestones, I've always tried to ignore that pressure and remember that children, like us adults, are all different and that they will get there when they're ready to. Wait until your child seems ready, they'll show you signs by possibly being more discreet when they do need to go or by simply telling you they need the toilet or that they are wet.

2. Let them go naked down below for a while in the beginning. 
We did this with both of our boys -  they kept their t-shirts on but had nothing on down below at all just whilst they got used to the feeling of needing to go. It makes it so much easier to go to the potty in the beginning and we found that they were less likely to forget this way. It's easier to do this in the summer when it's warm so that they don't get cold and it's a good idea to pull up rugs etc in case of accidents so that it's easier to just wipe the floor underneath.

3. Get the right potty training products beforehand. 

You'll need things like a potty obviously, a step so that your child can get on and off of the toilet easily and can stand up at the sink to wash their hands. You can also get handy toddler training toilet seats like this one that sits on top of your normal toilet seat and helps your child to feel more confident using the big toilet. You can also get folding travel potty's that are useful for when you go out, we have this one and it's brilliant because it also acts as a toilet training seat. You may also wish to buy some pull-ups for night time whilst your little one gets used to going to the toilet/potty during the day.

4. Show and teach your child. 
There are some great children's books you can get which have a clear, informative and fun story with pictures in to teach little ones all about using the potty. Some come with little buttons you can press in the book to make the story more interactive like this one. There's also potty sticker books that can help children to understand the process in a fun and relaxed way too like this one here and you could also introduce a potty reward chart. It's important to show your child how the potty is going to work and what the step and other new products are there for.

5. Don't put too much pressure on them or yourself/don't expect too much too soon. 
Take potty training at a pace that suits you both, don't stress about everyday needing to be a dry day. Don't be afraid to use pull ups when you go out, they can still practise using the toilet with them on. Just remember to ask your child if they need to go to the potty/toilet a lot in the beginning so that they always have it a the front of their mind. Leave a potty in the room you're in if you're at home at all times so that your child knows it's there and is reminded of it. If they do have an accident gently remind them that when they get the feeling they need to try and get to the potty or tell you that they need to go.

6. Lots and lots of praise. 
Praise is really important for young children and especially so when they're potty training. Encourage them to go to the potty or toilet just before bed each night and if they stay dry then show them their dry pull up/pants and explain how proud you are of them. I like to give a lot of high fives and well done's as I find it really helps encourage them.

I hope these tips have been helpful. Please feel free to share your own below and share this post with anyone you think would find it useful.


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  1. Great tips! It is hard because like you say, there is so much pressure to "get it right" but as a second timer hopefully your tips will relax all parents when they go through this xoxo

  2. These sound like some great tips to help parents. I can only imagine how hard it is to potty train a little one.

  3. This is exactly a timely post for us. While we still have a while to go ... I need to prepare ahead of time with info. Our 7 months old is growing too fast. Thank you for this!

  4. Great tips, these. It's amazing how each child is different and takes things at their own pace. Everyone gets there, eventually. :)

  5. As I don't have kids I'd never think how tough potty training could be, but waiting until they're ready sounds like a good tip x

  6. Love all your tips, wish I knew this when I was potty training both our kids, they both took to it differently, my daughter was slower and my son was faster and we were always wondering what we were doing wrong.

  7. This is really useful advise and so agree summer is the best time to start training.

  8. Fab tips, You definitely need to wait until they are ready and not rush x

  9. It is my least favourite of parenting jobs but we sailed through with Sebby and Eliza. Consistency is key

  10. yeah ive heard they always say girls are quicker at toilet training than boys. boys are just too busy having fun hahaha