4 Types Of Dog That Are Suited For Apartment Living

Dogs are a man’s best friend.
 Yes, we all know that but when it comes to living with a dog and taking care of them, this is not an easy task. As dogs are favourite pets to people around the world, the time and energy spent on these pets are admirable. 
If you are considering to make a dog your pet then there are some considerations that you should keep in mind. The size of the dog matters a lot when it comes to keeping a dog in your apartment. 
Not only the size but also how friendly and calm natured your pet is, plays a great role in living in an apartment with a dog. 
Since very large dog breeds with high energy level and noisiness are not ideal for your small apartment, below are some of the dog breeds that can easily fit in your apartment and make it a happy place for you. 

Bulldogs are a dog breed that is extremely famous for their lazy and calm personality. These dogs sometimes reach a height of 18 inches, which is quite small and can easily adjust to your house. 
These bulldogs do not require much from their owner, a small evening walk can make them happy. They mostly contend when they relax and laze around. 
Bichon Frise:
Bichon Frise is the cutest dog breeds that you will see. They are so tiny and miniature and cannot get taller than a foot, which contributes to their cuteness. 
Bichon Frise loves to play around and require its owner's attention; they are very energetic and entertaining. 
Another benefit that Bichon Frise gives to their owners is that they do not shed fur like most of the similar breeds and are great for small quarters and people with allergies. If you like to play with your dogs and have fun with them then you must have a Bichon Frise. You will love to cuddle with them.

A chihuahua is known for their small sizes, they have a height between 6-10 inches. Due to their small sizes, they easily manage in a small apartment. 
Chihuahua also does not require much exercise, but they can become very close to their owner and can be overprotective for them. 
Chihuahua is not a social dog so it requires much training in order to act in a gentle way with strangers and other dogs. 
If not trained well, they can turn into a non-welcoming animal and can be dangerous when irritated. Despite of that, a properly trained chihuahua makes you delighted with its charming persona.


A Yorkipoo rarely grows more than a foot and half, which makes it a perfect apartment dog. However, they do require regular exercises and walks so that they remain gentle, calm, friendly and happy. Yorkipoo’s need love and affection from their owners to show relaxing behaviours. 


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