So Much Snow! - A Snow Day In December

We don't very often get snow here in the UK. Maybe once a year, if we're lucky and it always seems to come in January or February, so it was such a lovely surprise to get snow in December just two weeks before Christmas. We didn't even just get a sprinkle.. we had heaps and heaps of snow were we are - in fact it might just have been the largest amount of snow I've seen in one go! 

The boys woke up so early on Sunday.. 5.20am to be precise! But the early start wasn't all bad because it was so exciting to wake up and look out to a blanket of snow. I kept peaking out of the curtains as the early morning went on, waiting for it to become a bit lighter so I could open up our living room curtains and see the Christmas tree against the snow. And when the the time came it was amazing - it felt so festive, it honestly was like being inside of a giant snow globe!

I took some photographs of the boys next to the Christmas tree with the snow behind them in our back garden. I even put them in their matching JoJo Maman Bebe reindeer pyjamas for the occasion. I fell in love with these (link here) for the boys as soon as I saw them! I like for them to have new matching Christmas pyjamas for Christmas morning each year and I think that these ones look so adorable on them.

After we got the boys bathed and dressed we headed out for a snowy family walk and as soon as we left we were all so surprised at just how deep the snow was and also just how pretty it was. As we walked towards our village park, which is just five minutes from us, it felt like we were in a winter wonderland as corny as that sounds. Snow makes everything feel different doesn't it? It's so exciting and it's even more special to have some arrive in December so close to Christmas.


I just love this photo of Ethan! 

Throwing snowballs at Mummy's video camera! ;) (A little day in the life video from Sunday is embedded below if you'd like to see it). 

We wandered up to the park together with the intention of building a snowman, but it was so cold that the boys were getting really cold and Ethan was feeling a bit poorly too, so after a short while we decided to head home and go and snuggle up. 

So much snow!

I really love this photo of Logan with his Daddy.

 We only managed to build half a snowman before getting too cold and coming home!.. ;) 

It was so amazing to be able to control our heating whilst we were out via our Hive Home app. Coming home to a warm, snug home after a snowy walk together was absolute bliss! Hive haven't asked me to write about them again here, but Adam and I haven't stopped talking about how happy we are with Hive since we've got it, so I wanted to shout about them again. I really can't praise Hive enough - so far it's been such a great addition to our family home!

Did you get snow where you are over the weekend? We got completely snowed in and Ethan's school was closed on Monday and Logan's football session was cancelled too. But it has felt so festive and it was so nice to just have some days at home to enjoy being warm and snuggly.

Watch our day in the life video from Sunday:

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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  1. Wow that is a huge amount of snow you got. We are probably not high enough because we got absolutely no snow but in other parts of the country they got lots. Particularly in the mountains. Must pay the mountains a visit :)

  2. What a gorgeous post Alex and such beautiful photo's - what happy memories you have from December already x

  3. What stunning photos Alex- and you look gorgeous! x