Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

By now you've probably seen my Christmas gifts for her and Chrsitmas gift ideas for children aged 2-5 blog posts and today I am excited to be sharing some of my favourite Christmas present ideas for men. I hope that you'll like what I've chosen and as with my previous posts I've tried to include links to where the products can be purchased wherever I can to take it a bit easier if you'd like to have a closer look at anything yourselves. 
retro tv games controller, retro games console

So the first thing that I knew I wanted to include was this very awesome looking Plug and Play Retro TV games controller that comes with over 200 (yes 200!) retro games to play. The controller has a mini joystick and A and B buttons, so it feels very very retro and I am so looking forward to giving this to my Husband who is very much a gamer! If you're interested then It is currently available to buy at Find Me A Gift for £19.99.

If you're looking for something to bulk up the existing presents that you have already, then you really can't go wrong with a bit of chocolate can you?! And this Guylian box of chocolate is packed full of very tasty Belgian chocolates. And what's more is that it's currently available for half price at Tesco for just £5!

If you're buying for someone who has his eye on a new pair of headphones then these BMW Bowers & Wilkins P3 S2 headphones would probably make their day! Bowers & Wilkins are premium high-end audio specialists so the sound quality from these is awesome. Another thing to love is that they can actually fold down too and they come with their very own hard-shell carry case which means they're perfect for taking anywhere. Take a closer look at https://shop.bmw.co.uk, where they are currently available for £99.

If you're on the hunt for some nice toiletires then look no further then Baylis & Harding. I love this little sports set that they do which comes with hair and body wash and afterhsave balms inside of a very nice looking wash bag, which of course can be used over and over. 

lego game of thrones, lego the walking dead, lego hiccup how to train your dragon, lego hannibal lecter, lego custom mini figures, demonhunter bricks

I wouldn't be a very kind and caring wife if I didn't mention my Husband's business here too would I?!  If you don't already know then my Husband makes a living from creating LEGO lightsabers and blasters which make for the perfect gift idea for Lego lovers.  He has a very popular LEGO Han Solo Blaster, he also created and sells a LEGO Bladerunner Deckard PKD blaster and LEGO Sonic Screwdrivers. If you'd like to check him out then his store is Demonhunter Bricks.

lego star wars lightsabers, light saber, kylo ren lightsaber, lego kylo ren lightsaber,
An example of one of Adam's LEGO Star Wars lightsabers - this is Kylo Ren's. 

art of football, football prints, arsenal gifts

If you're buying a gift for a football fan then I think this next store is one that you're going to love.. I recently discovered art-of-football.com and even as someone who isn't a fan of football at all, I can appreciate how awesome their products are for those who do love football. They sell some amazing quality t-shirts and accessories as well as some fantastic prints for pretty much every team. Their website is really worth having a look at if you know somebody who is in to their football as I am sure that they'd very much appreciate something from there.

And lastly I always think you can't go wrong with a good old comedy, especially at Christmas. My Mum asked me for this one this year actually, but a DVD like this will pretty much suit anyone won't it?! This is Micky Flanagan's brand new for 2017 latest comedy and I just know that it will be a hit and make my family laugh! I picked it up from good old Amazon for around £10 for the DVD version. 

I really hope that you've enjoyed reading through all three of my Christmas gift guides and that they've given you some inspiration. But of course, more importantly I hope that you all have a very wonderful and magical christmas with your families.

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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