Charity Shop Finds November 2017

I know that this is a slightly different post to my normal sort of blog posts, but I thought I would write and share it as, to be honest, it's the sort of thing I'd be quite interested in reading myself. 

Ever since I was a young girl, I've always found something quite exciting about charity shops. I think it's the thought of not knowing what you might find inside of one and also the idea that you might find something that turns out to be an absolute bargain. 

We didn't have a lot of money when I was young, so going to and getting something from the charity shop was a treat for us and it was a tradition that we absolutely loved! And now that I'm a Mum myself, I really enjoy taking my boys when we can and letting them choose something small - it always get them so excited. 

Charity Shop Finds November 2017

I have to say, our local charity shop always seems to have such good quality things in nd generally seems to have fantastic children's books too! I recently visited with Logan whilst Ethan was at school and we managed to find some almost brand new things that I'm actually putting away for Christmas for the boy's stockings. It's always worth visiting charity shops at any time of the year, but especially at Christmas, as sometimes you can find things that make perfect Christmas presents and ours also had lots of lovely Christmas decor and home things for sale too. Lots of things are usually under a £1 or so, plus of course, you're giving to charity by buying from them. 

Charity Shop Finds November 2017, Cranium

The other day I managed to pick up the board game Cranium in practically new condition, some of the cards inside are even still sealed! It cost just £2 for the entire game and considering the condition it is in and the fact that it's an amazing game to play at Christmas, I was over the moon!

Charity Shop Finds November 2017

I also picked up some new books for the boys which were in just as great condition. We got a Bob The Builder book that looks like it's never been read as all of the flaps inside are in perfect condition. We also found an Octonauts book and my little boy loves Octonauts so he'll be thrilled with that. And then also the Dear Santa book with all of the flaps still inside too. These three cost me just £1.30 and will make perfect stocking fillers!

Charity Shop Finds November 2017, Disney Books,

I was also thrilled to find these Disney books in there too! Especially as I had some of the other titles in this series from when I was a little girl that I've now given to Ethan. It means we can add these to his collection and we can read the other Disney stories together. These are all in pretty much new condition and cost just 30p each, which I couldn't believe. There were others there, but I decided to just pick us up these as we have quite a few books at home already. 

So those are our recent charity shop finds and I'm so pleased with them all. I did also get my youngest little boy a small toy ambulance and a mouse character on wheels for about 20p each but he was off with them as soon as we had paid, haha! ;) If you don't already, it honestly is worth having a browse around your local charity shops every now and again - you really can pick up some fantastic bargains sometimes!

Thank you for reading. 
  Alex xo 
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