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With Christmas coming up fast, my thoughts have turned to present buying. This task is both a pleasure and a headache. It is always nice to be able to buy someone you love something special. The problem is that sometimes finding the right gift is not easy. Occasionally you have to spend a lot of time going from shop to shop to find what you need. When inspiration will not come or you are short on time or money gift buying can become quite stressful.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Over the years, I have found that buying personalised gifts online solves both the time and inspiration issues.

A photo collage
For friends and relatives, canvas prints make great gifts. For grandparents a photo collage of the grandchildren is ideal. As you can see here the quality of the photo collages you can buy online is very high. Yet, despite this, they are not particularly expensive. All you need to do is to select your favourite images, upload them, choose the print size, pay and sit back and relax. The whole process can be done online while you enjoy your favourite TV show.

Customised phone cases
Most people own a mobile phone and like to use a case to protect it. Therefore, phone cases make really good gifts. There are plenty of places to buy them online. However, if you want to make it a special gift it is well worth paying a little extra and buying one that can be personalised in some way. There are firms out there that will take a high-resolution photo that you provide and print it on a phone case. Or, if you prefer you can order an engraved one.

Other engraved gifts
In fact, all kinds of items can potentially be engraved. You are no longer limited to ordering an identity bracelet for your daughter or an engraved drinks flask for your grandfather. There are firms out there that will engrave all kinds of metal or wooden objects. Everything from serviette rings to tablet cases can potentially be engraved with unique patterns or messages.

Stencils and wall stickers
If you know someone who has recently moved and who is still decorating a customised wall sticker or stencils can make good gifts. They are also great for kids. You can even order a huge door sticker for your niece that features her favourite cartoon character or pop star. If you do decide to do this, just remember to speak to her parents first. Doing this ensures that your niece will actually be able to put it up once she has received it.

How to edit images
Many of the above personalised gift ideas involve your providing the images to a print firm. The better the image is the nicer the present will look. So, it is well worth your while spending a little time enhancing and manipulating the image files you choose to make them look as good as possible. As you can see from this short video, this is not hard to do and once you get the hang of the basics it does not take long to do. 

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