So Shape Smart Meals Review & Discount Code

When it comes to my two children I'm forever stressing myself out about whether or not they've eaten enough vitamins in a day, yet when it comes to myself I can often be quite careless. I find that with such a busy lifestyle it's become so easy for me to reach for a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar when I feel a bit peckish and it's just become almost a thing I do. I work from home and though I'm on my feet a lot as a Mum, I don't really do any exercise either and whilst I have no concerns with my weight, I do often think I should be a bit more kinder to my body. 

So Shape Smart Meals Review

A little while ago I was contacted by So Shape who told me about their philosophy which is to enjoy simple things in life but still take care of ourselves: a healthy soul in a healthy body! They told me that they deliver Smart Meals that take just 2 minutes to prepare and that contain everything needed to boost energy, feel lighter and help tone up muscles and that they are 100% vegetarian. 

Whilst looking on their website, I saw that they had 19 different flavours (some sweet and some savoury) and they all sounded really tasty so I decided I wanted to give them a go. They have three different challenges you can choose from - The Reboot (5 days), Remove (14 days) or Reborn (28 days). The second two choices are more for those trying to lose weight, so I went for the first. The method with So Shape is that you have one smart meal in the morning, then you enjoy an open lunch (you can switch this with the evening if you're eating out) and then you have one smart meal in the evening such a hot soup, pasta or risotto.

So Shape Smart Meals Review When everything arrived, I was so pleased to find that the guide book that came with the meals was so easy to read and to understand. It is full of helpful information and includes details about other foods that are good for you and it explains clearly with both pictures and text how to make the Smart Meals up. It also provides full nutritional information and gives advice on staying on track and how to keep hydrated with their Shaker which comes with an insert inside for you to add fruit to. (I love adding apple in to mine for a drink to have with me all day!).

So Shape Smart Meals Review

The meals are so easy and simple to make up and I love that you can take them with you anywhere. As I said above, they're all vegetarian and also high in protein and GMO free. Some of the meals like the frappes are to be served cold and some like the pasta's, risotto's and others are hot. This really mixes it up and feels like you're not just having the same thing over and over - I love how much choice there is. 

So Shape Smart Meals Review  
So Shape Smart Meals Review

My husband Adam and I both tried out So Shape and we both felt better for it - we've had more energy than normal and our bodies haven't felt as sluggish, it was a bit like a small detox. Trying out So Shape has definitely made me think about my body differently and take a look at exactly what I'm putting in to it. It's made me realise just how important what we eat is, where as before I was definitely guilty of being a bit blasé with food and meal times for myself. 

If you'd like to you can find out more about So Shape over at soshape.com. Plus use code BUMP10 get 10% off your 14 or 28-day Challenge, UK only! 

So Shape Smart Meals Review

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