Hearing protectors for babies and toddlers With Alpine Hearing Protection

Our babies and our toddlers ears develop substantially in their first few years and for that reason their little ears are really vulnerable. As parents, we of course do our best to avoid exposing our children to loud noises, but the fact is, that it isn't always possible to avoid it. Our little ones ears need to last them a lifetime and the Dutch brand Alpine Hearing Protection understand this and so have just launched their Alpine Muffy Baby - an earmuff specially designed for babies and toddlers, to not only prevent hearing damage but also to help provide rest. So that parents can take their babies to busy events without worrying about the noise and their baby can sleep quietly and undisturbed. 

The new earmuffs work by attenuating loud and strident sounds and so are perfect for things like parties, parades, festivals, fairs, new year’s eve and things like airshows. They are suitable for babies and toddlers aged between 3-36 months and because they have no metal parts they can also be used during MRI scans. 

Alpine sent us their Alpine Muffy Baby ear protectors, as well as their Muffy earmuffs suitable for children over 2 years old (which Ethan is wearing) and they both seem very well designed and really comfortable to wear. My Logan has become one of those toddlers who pretty much outright refuses to wear anything on his head (in fact, it's getting hard to keep clothes on him these days!). But I
 know how perfect these would have been for us at an airshow we attended last year (when he wasn't so stubborn about these sorts of things ;).) as I was really worried about Logan's ears then, because I hadn't quite realised how loud the planes were going to be. 

Comfort and fit wise - the Alpine Muffy Baby ear protectors come with an elasticated band which is slid around the head of the baby or toddler. The headband has been designed to be never too tight and not put pressure on the baby's head, whilst still keeping the ear protectors in place. There's a clover hook and loop closure which makes adjusting the size and fit really simple and there's also a click system so that the two individual earmuffs can be attached at the desired position on the headband. the Alpine Muffy Baby earmuffs  are made of sturdy plastic and the top layer of the noise reducing foam seems like it would be easy to clean. 

They come in a choice of two different colours, either with a pink and white striped or a blue and white striped headband and there is also an additional soft grey headband that comes in the box with either of the two different colours. In the box there are also instructions for use as well as a protect and go bag, which the earmuffs fit really nicely in to, to keep them clean and safe on-the-go. 

I think both the Alpine Muffy Baby hearing protectors as well as their Muffy earmuffs (which were sent for Ethan) are such a brilliant idea. I like how compact they are in my bag for taking around with me and I like how comfortable they seem to be for the boys heads, but mostly I like knowing that we have protection when we need it, for their sensitive ears in loud and noisy places.

They also sent Adam and I some of their party plug earplugs which have special music filters which preserve the music and make sure conversations remain audible. That way you can still enjoy the music whilst your hearing is being protected. So we'll be taking these with us to the airshow we're going to this year to see how well they work there.

If you'd like to find out more please visit alpinehearingprotection.co.uk.


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*This post was written in association with Alpine Hearing Protection.