A Vegetarian Bank Holiday Summer BBQ With Robinsons

The sun can make such a difference to a day can't it? I'm so glad that we're in our warmer months here in the UK - I'm such a sun-loving summer person (despite how pale my skin is!). 

So far I've loved being able to spend more days outside, I've enjoyed the fresh air and being able to go out on adventures and to explore more. I really like being able to use the back garden again - having the backs doors open wide just opens up the whole house and the boys love being able to play in the garden, because they're both such outdoor-loving children. 

family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,

One thing I always look forward to in these summer months, is going to my in-laws for summer BBQ's. They have a lovely garden, a proper barbecue and we always have such a nice time together. Last week Robinsons emailed me and invited us to take part in a family BBQ to run alongside national BBQ week from 29th of May - 4th of June. They sent us a kit to use at our barbecue and three bottles of their squash. We always buy Robinsons squash as we're really big fans of it, especially the boys and I like that Robinsons squash contains no added sugar and real fruit in every drop, plus there are lots of really nice flavours to choose from. 

Since the weather has been so nice this last week, Adam's Mum and Dad kindly invited us round to theirs on Saturday for a barbecue and a day in the garden. Friday had been a scorcher weather-wise and whilst Saturday wasn't as hot, it was still really lovely and so good to be able to sit out in the garden with everyone, including the boys Great-Grandad. I think that that's one of the best parts about family barbecues in the summer, they bring everyone together. It can be so easy to become a bit more withdrawn in the colder months, when we're all generally a lot more likely to stay indoors in our own homes. 

We had a really lovely day on Saturday, with a trip to the cinema with the boys for the first time ever, in the morning to watch Peppa Pig which was a lot of fun and then the barbecue with the rest of the family in the afternoon. And the Robinsons squash went down really well with everyone. Flavour-wise we had Summer Fruits (which was my favourite), Lemon Barely Water and Robinsons new flavour - Apple & Elderflower. They were each really refreshing and perfectly thirst-quenching for hot summer days outside. We usually stick to Apple & Blackcurrant  but after trying out a few new flavours, we'll definitely be changing it up more often. Here are a few photographs that we took on Saturday...

family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,

 Despite not being vegetarian themselves, Adam's parents very kindly always cook us some veggie sausages and burgers separately on their BBQ. :) 

family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
 The boys Great-Grandad and his partner Maureen. 

Adam, my Husband, trying his hand at making fruit-skewers. 

family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash, family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
 The three flavours of squash that Robinsons sent us, alongside these very snazzy glass bottles that they also kindly provided us with. 

family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
My dinner. If you haven't tried them yet, Linda Mccartney's vegetarian burgers are absolutely amazing! We have them at every barbecue. 

family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
Logan with his Grandpop. :) My boys are such grazers - they often prefer to 'pick' when it comes to dinnertimes. 
Adam and his Mum.

Ethan and I playing with football.
family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
  Adam modelling his new apron dedicated to our little online space. ;) 

 The fruit-skewers were amazing - so so tasty! I had ice-cream with mine, whilst others had cream and they went down so well! 

family bbq, vegetarian bbq, robinsons squash,
I love this photo of the boys with their Grandpop.

And also this one of them, because I love that Ethan has his arms around Logan. <3

We had such a lovely time together as a family and we'd like to say a really big thank you to Robinsons for working with us. 

What's your favourite way to spend summer days as a family?
Alex xo

I worked with Robinsons in a paid relationship. Find out more about Robinsons here https://www.robinsonssquash.co.uk.

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