Tales Of A Crazy-Cat-Lady In Collaboration With BISSELL

There's no denying that we're a nation of animal lovers with around 16.5 millions dogs and cats being kept as pets in the UK! And it comes as no surprise then that less than half of our furry friends actually sleep in their own beds, with us women being the most likely to invite our dogs or our cats to snuggle up with us in bed - I know I do! 

BISSELL have recently completed some research  into the cleaning habits of pet owners and the importance of ensuring a thorough clean to keep family members safe and they have teamed up with Dr Pixie McKenna to dispel common myths about our pets and the messes they can sometimes create. 

BISSELL's research shows that when it comes to our pets, the top five areas us Brits forget to clean are.. the mattress, carpets, rugs, curtains and our pets. To which Dr Pixie McKenna has said, "It’s really shocking to hear that recent research by BISSELL revealed that a fifth of pet owners don’t wash their carpets especially as 25% admitted to regularly having to clean up urine, vomit and faeces. We’re a nation of animals lovers and enjoy having our pets around the home, however it’s crucial that if our pets make a mess we clean it thoroughly to avoid making family members poorly, especially small children who use the floor as their playground."

Dr Pixie McKenna also adds, “Pets make a great addition to the home however, we need to make sure that we clean up properly after them to keep our family safe. Dogs and cats enjoy the outdoors and during their little adventures, they can pick up dirt and germs which they then transfer indoors on their paws.
Personally, I make no secret of my love for cats - if ever there was a better title for myself, it truly would have to be 'crazy cat-lady'. Give me 20 cats in one house - no problem. I'd be in my element. But as much as my Husband Adam gets my love for felines, he doesn't quite agree on the 20 cats idea, so we have our three. We had four, but sadly we lost our little Shadow the day after my birthday back in 2015 to a suspected brain tumour. I miss her and her little claws tapping on the floor as she walked, so much.

I don't know if it's because of my soft spot for these little kitty's, but my cat's are what you would call slightly crazy. Particularly, Sammy - our little tabby cat and the first cat Adam and I got together. We've had her since she was a kitten, but she's still totally scatty. She's honestly only now just started trusting other people that aren't me or Adam nearly nine years later..! Being our first cat and in fact, our first little 'baby' together, Adam and I really do have a soft-spot for Sammy.. and she knows it!

God knows why, but she isn't a huge fan of doing her toilets outside. If she can get away with it (which of course, she often can't) she'd much rather do her business in the bath.. or in the corner of the room. She's totally toilet-trained of course, but she's lazy and she'll avoid contact with the outside world like the plague!

When we had out loft converted she was a nightmare in terms of people being in our house - she hated it. And once, whilst I was taking an important work-related phone call, she sat next to me on the bed and just, well.. did her business. I was of course totally horrified, but carried on acting professional on my phone call, whilst she sat and stared at me, just like nothing had even happened!

Honestly, the tales of Sammy could go on and on.. she's an absolute crazy cat, who knows exactly when her 6pm dinner time rolls around.. exactly when anyone who isn't Adam or I enters the house and exactly how to get forgiven for all of her naughty behaviour, including the cost of a new duvet cover!

My other cat, Sooty, who we've also had from a kitten, is much quieter. She doesn't really like to be bothered and when she wants a cuddle, she'll let you know either by standing in front of the TV or computer screen meowing at you. But then as soon as you go to he give a stroke, she'll run off.. it's like she can't quite come to terms with the fact that she wants a cuddle from time to time. So we mostly leave her to it and let her come to us. The worst thing she's ever done is kill a butterfly and have an accident when we first moved house, unfortunately it was all over our electrics and it blew them!.. That wasn't a fun day!

Hanging out in our office on our spare chair is often Sooty's spot of choice. 

And then there's Charlie, who I mention on social media quite a bit, because honestly that cat thinks he is some sort of cat-dog! He's the sort of cat you can mould in to any position and he'll just stay like it.

Charlie, just chilling - watching a bit of TV!

He's the most chilled out cat you'd ever meet (which isn't bad going for the fact we rescued him from the RSPCA after he'd been thrown on to a fire). He will, without a care in the world, wander in to anyone and everyones house.. if there's a window open, he'll find a way to climb on in it. If I take the boys to the park, he has to come too! He'll even follow us to pre-school given the chance! He's mad and he makes me look like even more of a crazy cat lady than I probably am. Everyone in the village knows Charlie - kids even give him different nicknames and want to take him home. He really is a one of a kind sort of cat!

We're pretty good at cleaning up behind them - it sort of comes naturally with having to clean up after the boys everyday. We only have carpet on our stairs, but we still vaccuum everyday because cat hair (and crumbs from the kids snacks) get everywhere. We often wash our sofa and pillow covers and make sure our mattress and bedding is kept clean. Though I do have to admit, I'll never be able to give up a good snuggle with my cats in bed at the end of a long day! ;)

I wrote this post in collaboration with BISSELL, all thoughts are as always entirely my own. You can find out more about BISSELL carpet and vaccuum cleaners at: bisselldirect.co.uk.

Thank you for reading. Alex xo

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  1. Same as you I am crazy for cats. I grew up with cats and have never been in a home that has no cats. We only have one cat left. She doesn't get on with anyone else apart from me and dermot. So I have hope when you say your one takes liking to other people after 9 years.