A Tudor Obsession and Anniversary Plans!

I don't know why exactly, but I'm really in to royal history lately, particularly the Tudor age. I have been watching and absolutely loving The Tudors on Netflix and have got so in to it that Adam and I have actually booked a one nights stay at Hever Castle (the childhood home of Anne Boleyn) for our anniversary in August. 

It's slightly expensive, but it will be a real experience getting to stay overnight in a castle together. Plus, it's definitely allowed since it'll be our five year anniversary and a small, but still significant milestone. I was reading up about what sorts of gifts are 'traditonally' given per wedding milestone earlier and I've learnt that our one, at five years, is traditionally wood. And then when it comes to 10th wedding anniversary gifts, it's tin or aluminium and then by 15 years of marriage you start going up to crystal and beyond. So for our fifth anniversary, I'm planning on finding a nice little wood close by to Hever Castle to snap a picture of us in, just to stick with tradition without incurring any further cost! ;) 

It's funny because whilst I love celebrating our wedding anniversary, I also feel slightly cheated when I say how many years it's been out loud. I mean, I feel like every time I say we've been married for nearly five years, I almost want to back it up with but we've been together for nearly 15! 

Apparently it is believed that a Taiwanese couple who celebrated their 86th anniversary together in 2003 hold the record for the longest married couple in the world.. which is just so sweet! I really love hearing about elderly couples who've been together pretty much their entire lives. Mostly because I really hope that that will be Adam and I some day. Not that I really want to get old -  but you know what I mean. 

Being a fan of the Royals and history, I enjoy looking back at images of the Queen with her Husband Prince Phillip. It's so lovely to see how they've changed so much but have still stayed so close. It's just heart-warming to see how they've grown old together and how their children have had children who've had children. It always warms my heart when great-grandparents get to have a relationship with their great-grandchildren. I barely knew my own grandparents, so I never got to experience great-grandparents myself. Although Adam's Grandad is Ethan and Logan's Great-Grandad and it's really really lovely to see them together.  

I'm really looking forward to our anniversary and our stay at Hever Castle. I really am so excited to feel even a little bit closer to the Tudor age. Excitingly, we've also arranged a day to go and visit Hampton Court Palace soon too - I've never been before and I really, really can't wait! Castles, cathedrals, church buildings and anything royal is definitely my not-so-secret passion!

Thanks for reading. Alex xo

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