A lovely Way to Share & Display Photos Instantly With Nixplay IRIS

I have honestly lost count of the amount of times that I have told myself that I am going to get a photograph printed to display in a frame and then haven't. I'm so bad for it. Life and the busyness of life just always get in the way and then I forget and then I end up forgetting all about the lovely photograph I wanted to display until usually a year or so later.

Recently I was contacted by Nixplay who asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their WiFi Cloud Frames. And in all honestly, I'd never really considered getting a digital frame before, but I'm so glad that I agreed to the review because I have really ended up loving our new frame and also loving how easy and quick it has become for us to display some of our favourite memories.

We were very kindly sent the 8 inch Nixplay IRIS and we chose the colour silver (the frame looks almost white in my pictures, but that's just because I brighten my photos). The frame was really easy to set up, though it did take a little while to check for software updates.

We downloaded the Nixplay App, connected the frame to our WiFI network and from there we were able to instantly share any photos from our phone to the frame. From the app we are also able to invite family and friends to send their photos directly to our frame, which I think is amazing and would be brilliant for when family is away travelling and they want to send over their photographs to show us. 

With the Nixplay IRIS you are able to access all of your photos from different devices and platforms in one places and you also get 10GB of free cloud storage.

The display is so lovely and really really clear, it's hard to actually capture on camera, but in real life it is truly stunning. It also has a rather clever light sensor and an activity sensor, the activity sensor works by turning on the display when noise is detected, which I think is such a clever idea.

You can change the settings for the frame via the app and also via the handy remote control that comes with it. 

We have been left really impressed with our Nixplay IRIS frame, it's such a lovely frame and it looks so lovely in our living room. I love the modern and sleek design of it, but most of all I love being able to have my photographs displayed in my living room without having to remember to find time to get them printed.

I also love being able to display several photographs from one frame and I love that I don't need to worry about updating the frame when I want to display different photographs, like I would need to if I had actual prints in a frame. The Nixplay IRIS makes it all so easy and the display is just beautiful.


If you are interested in finding out more about this frame or any of the frames that Nixplay sell then please head over to Nixplay's website: nixplay.co.uk, where they are currently running a Mother's Day offer of 20% off through their online store using the coupon code MDAY17


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