5 Great iPhone Apps For Parents

I really love how much we are able to from our smart phones these days. Having access, on-the-go to so much from something that fits nicely in to the palm of our hand makes life as busy parents so much easier, especially for the moments that it's just not possible to get to the computer. 

Today I thought I would share five apps that I think are great to have on your phone as a parent. I hope you find my choices useful. I'd love to know what apps you also love as a parent, so please do leave me a comment below. 

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 1. The YouTube Kids app

My four year old Son Ethan absolutely loves watching YouTube kids - he doesn't use my phone that much, but when he does he usually taps on to watch YouTube Kids (mostly to watch dinosaur videos). I really like how easy it is for him to use and that it keeps him entertained during the periods that I am busy folding washing or cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. It's full of family-friendly videos and I've always been quite happy with it in that I've never caught him watching anything I wouldn't really want him to see. 

2. The British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid app

I love knowing that I have this app on my phone in case of an emergency and I even sometimes just go on to it and go through it for a while reminding myself of what to do in certain emergency situations. The app is free to download and it is packed with useful videos, animations and tips. It provides simple and easy advice and each skill only takes minutes to learn. You are also able to test your knowledge using the built in first aid quizzes. I really recommened downloading this app, even for the peace of mind of knowing it is there in case of an unfortunate emergency. 

3. The Ebookadabra app

I actually reviewed this app in detail recently here on my blog after being really impressed with it.  If you didn't catch my review, Ebookadabra is a reading app aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 7. It has been designed in partnership with Disney, Harper Collins, Parragon and a range of other leading international and independent publishers. The app encourages children to read books in full to then earn a sticker which unlocks an educational game or activity for the child to play. It's really well made and easy to use and I really like how much it encourages children to not only play games or watch videos on tablets/phones but to read too.You can read my Ebookadabra app review here if you would like to. 

4.  The Kaspersky Safe Kids app

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a downloadable app which helps you protect your children in the digital world, on their iPhones, iPads, Macs and Computers. For just £10.99 for a year’s subscription you can stay connected with your kids and be sure they are in a safe place. They recently released this video where they interviewed real children about their experiences online. You can find more information about Kaspersky Safe Kids over on iTunes. 

5. The Reminders App

Okay so this one may be cheating a little, as it comes with the phone, but honestly I think using the Reminders app is a bit of a must for parents. I've been using it together with the calendar app on my phone to keep me really organised.

I put all dates for the boys and myself in and then I set up alerts for them for either the week before or a couple of days before to alert me, so that I remember when we have something on. I haven't got the best memory and I find trying to keep too much information in my head makes it worse, so this works fantastically for me.

I also keep a list of all the things I need for when we are travelling/going away and I tick it off as I go and then tap 'show completed' and un-tick it all when I need to go back and re-use it the next time. My Husband and I also have a shared shopping list on there, which we add items to that we have run out of throughout the week, so by the time I come to do our online weekly shop, there's usually a full list of things that I need to buy that we otherwise might have forgotten about. 

I love using the reminders app as I feel like it allows me to empty out some of the things that are on my mind without feeling like I've forgotten anything. 

What apps do you use and love?

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