Organising, De-cluttering and A HUGE Clear Out with Clearabee

I think we're quite minimalistic when it comes to home decor. We don't really tend to hold on to much that we don't need or use and we prefer to keep what's on show as clear as possible. 

We I struggle to let go of some of the boys things though, in particular things that have been worn a lot or played with a lot and passed down from Ethan to Logan. I'll always happily donate bags and bags to charity, but with things like that I tend to get really sentimental and end up wanting to keep it all - especially for the 'just in case' - in case we were ever to have another child, despite their currently being no plans to. ;)

Whilst a lot of our rooms are quite minimal to look at, our cupboards and wardrobes aren't quite the same and our garage before now, was the total opposite of minimal! It was packed to the top, mostly of rubbish and then some other things that we just needed to go through and organise and our eaves cupboard in our attic conversion was the same. It's too easy just to throw stuff in to a cupboard or garage and forget about it. What's that saying?.. Out of sight out of mind! ;) 

But Adam and I knew that sorting through it all was becoming a bigger and bigger job, so we recently set aside a whole day when they boys were at their Grandma's, to finally have a huge clear out.

This was the contents of our eaves cupboard after we'd emptied it out.. Who knew it could fit so much in??

And this, I am slightly ashamed to admit, was our garage.. basically we'd been using it a bit like our own personal tip..

I honestly think we hadn't realised just how much stuff we had to get rid of because I only thought that we were going to fill at least 3/4's of our Beebag skip bag that we got from the rubbish removal company Clearabee. We hadn't used a skip bag before, but it's seriously such a brilliant service that we'd definitely use it again. The skip bag arrived after free next-day posting, totally flat packed, which was amazing for the fact that it opened up just as large as an actual skip (see photos below)!

It took us a few hours (with a pizza delivery tea break in the middle to keep us going of course) to sort through everything, but it was so satisfying to finally be able to see and walk to the back of our garage and to finally get rid of so much rubbish - some that had been in there since our loft conversion last year!

Our garage is falling apart and we have an architect visiting on Wednesday to give us an idea about if we would be able to put a two storey side extension on to our home where our garage currently is (which wouldn't be a for a couple of years until we've saved enough), but for now it is organised as best it can be and we can easily access the things we need (plus we can walk through it - yay!).

As you can see form our photos, we filled our skip bag which held absolutely loads, especially for the fact that it had arrived in a flat-packed square posting bag!

Clearabee are able to offer to collect the Beebag skip bags on the very same day, which is brilliant - it's great to be able to get rid of all of your rubbish in one go all on the one day, without having to make several trips to the tip and then back yourself!

The guys that collected our skip bag were friendly, professional and worked really fast - it was so nice to sit back and watch it all being taken away for us! Labour is included in the price of the skip bag and there are three different size bags available for different projects and you can even choose to use them inside. The beebag that we had was the largest they offer. Clearabee offer nationwide coverage and are 100% in house, so they do not subcontract. There are 24/7 collection slots available and they also provide photo evidence of every collection with an electronic waste transfer note.

clearabee, beebag, skip bag,

I'm so pleased that we finally got around to de-cluttering the huge amounts of rubbish that we had accumulated from around our home and inside of our garage and I've been left really happy with the service that was provided by Clearabee - we'd definitely, happily use them again!

If you'd like to you can find out more about Clearabee and Beebag over at www.clearabee.co.uk. 



  1. Oh my god, that is actually AMAZING. Our garage (and our cellar!) look a lot like yours (but worse) - this service is a brilliant idea! xx

  2. This is such a great service! When our extension is finished I need to clear out the loft and I think we'll be in the same position as you - I love this idea and will be bookmarking them to use at a later date x

  3. This looks amazing. I hate trips to the tip so this is a great idea to get it all done at once.