A Little Blog Upgrade / Change

I am a create of habit - I tend to find something I like and stick to it and it doesn't matter what it is, it could be the types of food I eat, certain restaurants I visit, different people I see, the places I visit - I often feel like once I get in to a little comfort zone, I stay inside it, despite the fact that I often really enjoy stepping out and discovering new things/places/ways of doing things.

I'd done the same thing with my blog's theme and layout - I feel like I had had my last layout quite a long and despite having fancied a change for a while, I was never quite brave enough to 'just go for it', in case I missed my old theme and then proceeded to waste hours putting it back to how it was.

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But yesterday I decided I was going to take the plunge - I loved my old blog theme, but I felt like I wanted to give it a bit of a modernisation, whist very much so still staying very 'me'.

So I kept my blog's logo/header and I've kept the same sort of colour theme, but I've given it the modern sort of upgrade/change that I had wanted to. And I'm really pleased with it so far - there's still a few changes I'd like to make to it - mostly the image sizes, I would really like to increase the size of the images as I feel my blog is generally quite photo-heavy and visual, so I'm currently just working out how that can be done.

But once that's done, I think I'm going to really enjoy this new layout and hopefully you will too. :)


  1. It looks lovely Alex. Have you taken the plunge to move to Wordpress yet then? xx

  2. I LOVE it Alex- so clean and fresh looking. I think your blog was one of the first I ever read and I've always loved each layout you've had- very user friendly. I too am trying to work out how to make my images bigger- if you work it out would you mind letting me know? haha thanks xx

  3. I absolutely love it Alex! I love how the touch of pink is still there too. Really nice and user friendly x

  4. I love it Alex! It's looks so fresh and modern, but it still feels like you and familiar. I'm a creature of habit too, but it is good when you step out and it pays off. x

  5. The blog looks amazing! I love, love, LOVE it! xxx