The Ordinary Moments '17: #1 - Routine, I Missed You.

It's not that I'm not thankful for time with my boys or thankful for a change in the everyday sort of routine. It's more to do with a reality where my bills aren't automatically paid and our house isn't magically cleaned and run.

The lead up to Christmas was mad, frantic and chaotic and the days over Christmas itself where we got to spend down time as a family and not worry about routine and jobs we're of course the best. Getting to just 'be' as a family is what it's about really. Those are the good days.

But those days need to be worked for and soon the dirty washing starts to pile up, the deadlines start to loom and the kids start getting a bit bored. The lack of routine soon starts to become altogether a bit less fun.

Whilst packing lunch boxes, washing uniforms, attending playgroups and baby classes may not be my most favourite things to do in the world, they do help to offer structure and routine and sometimes as a family, that's really what we most need. It's almost nearly impossible to run two businesses from home whilst balancing parenting a three and a one year old between us otherwise.

When pre-school started back up it felt like the balance was beginning to be restored. Ethan, with a huge grin on his face, was off playing with his pre school friends no sooner then his coat had touched his peg the first morning he went back. The house began to look recognisable again that same day. Logan was happier having his one on one time with us back. And work seemed far more manageable.

That was until Ethan picked up a stomach bug on his first day back and passed it on to me, (though so far I'm only feeling a little under the weather with it). But that's life - sickness happens, it can't be avoided and in a few days (we hope) it will pass.

The new year for us isn't so much about making new resolutions or goals, January marks the start of a time where things start to feel calm again following on from the rush of Christmas and that in turn gives us a clearer more collected mind and a much better perspective on things.

December and Christmas was fun, but routine - I did miss you.


  1. I agree with this so much, I love Christmas - and then Eva's birthday 5 days after it is all so magical and then in just 3 weeks it is Roma's too ( darn these winter babies I made!) and I love it all but I can't wait to get a bit of normality and routine back to feel a little calm again! x

  2. Oh yes! This! I am so glad we are back in routine - the children love having a set routine and they both love school/nursery. Plus, I need to get time to work again and not take myself away from the children. Plus, I go to the gym after I drop them off in the mornings :) YAY for routine! x

  3. I completely agree Alex. I loved Christmas and our holiday but it was so hectic and I found myself literally not being able to wait to turn the key in the door and just get home and be content at home. I was so desperate to get back to a little bit of normality and while our routine is out the window and will take some time to get back on track, I just love feeling safe and content at home. Hoe you feel better soon. x

  4. Thank goodness there's others around who feel the same! Not having a routine means that you find yourself taking on too many things and you start to want to put a plan in place. I find that I plan out any situations in my head without even thinking about it. But I do have to say those couple of days over Christmas are a welcome break.

    I hope you don't mind but my friend has started a blog called These Random Acts, a home, family, and lifestyle blog, focusing on setting and achieving goals as well as performing random acts of kindness.

    She would love to hear your feedback and to also hear some of your own personal goals!

  5. I feel your pain. I still don't feel like I'm back into routine properly though.

    Cat x