Gifts From Mummy's Tummy With Read My Rhyme

Finding a really lovely, special and unique gift for expectant Mummies and Daddies-to-be just got a whole lot easier!

Read My Rhyme create and sell these adorable newborn baby gro's along with many other special little gifts that make for a perfect present idea for occasions such as baby showers and for those wonderful magical moments when someone you know announces that they're expecting a baby. Or even from Mummy to Daddy or vice versa! 

You can even personalise these adorable baby gro's - you're able to choose to personalise with a name, or a nickname that Mummy or Daddy calls the baby bump or simply just add a row of kisses. The baby gro is then neatly placed inside a glossy postal style gift box which says, 'From Mummy's Tummy'. They are 100% cotton and can come in size newborn or size 0-3 months, which is a good idea as some babies seem to grow out of the newborn size super fast or if they're like my boys, never really be in it at all! So having the size option of 0-3 months is great as it means it will last that much longer. 

I love the story behind the brand too. It all began when a lady named Gayle wrote down her feelings about being a mum in the form of little rhymes. Her rhymes captured the essence of her growing babies’ lives through the good, the bad and the messy times. Gayle set her creativity free and combined it with her business brain – she printed the best bits of her rhymes on to tiny tot’s tops and tees and baby grows and tried them out on her two Sons Rhys and Robin. The boys have been the driving force behind their mum’s inspiration and now Read My Rhyme is enthusiastically run by Gayle and her Dad Glyn Jones. 

If you head over to their website, you'll be able to find out more about their entire range of products. Personally, I absolutely love the Brink Gro in particular, which is a white vest with an orange trim which reads, 'They're on the brink. I've not slept one wink!'. It makes me laugh because I know that waking up at 1/2/3/4am at night with your baby is exhausting and this is something that would just put a smile on my face and would help cheer me up in an exhausted state. 

I also love the Boo Hoo gro which reads, 'Boo Hoo, I do love to have a cry, the reason I don't know why, I can't see what the fuss is about, sometimes I need to scream and shout.' this is another that as a parent of a baby, just puts a smile on my face. 

If you would like to you can find Read My Rhyme over on Not On The High Street or over on their website readmyrhyme.co.uk.

*This is a brand feature, but all opinions are as always entirely my own. 


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