5 Things I Find Difficult As a Mum | Splitting Myself, Meal Times, Mum Guilt & More

Being a Mum is the best thing in the world isn't it? There's nothing quite like it and there's certainly nothing better in the entire world than getting to raise our own tiny people into their own big people. 

But, the journey of parenthood isn't always smooth. 

Some days it seems to all go to plan, the balance is right, everyone is eating their meals, you don't feel like you've had to split yourself into a million tiny pieces to please everyone, all the balls are successfully being juggled and the parent-guilt is a distant memory. 

But there are also days as a parent where it feels like there's just not enough of us to go around and no matter how hard we try, we could be standing on our head juggling balls (I'm not sure how that would work either) the day just doesn't quite go to plan. And no matter how much we know we've tried and done our best, the parent guilt still comes out in full force (mine usually see's me in tears whilst I'm picking up the food I've just cooked that's been thrown all over the floor). 

It's certainly a whirlwind of emotions being a parent. I always say that as easy as it is to love my boys, it's not always so easy to actually raise them. 

As parents it's far too easy to look around us at other Mums and Dads and think that they've somehow got it easier. But it's good to remember that whilst little Timmy down the road may well be eating his greens nicely at the table every single dinner time for his Mummy and Daddy, it's likely there's something else that little Timmy is not doing so well at. 

I think social media and the online world is a great platform for parents to connect with other parents, but sometimes, and especially so on social media, I think it's far too easy for us parents to unconsciously compare ourselves, when really what we're seeing is the best bit of a tiny second of someone else's life. 

Personally I find a few things difficult as a parent, as much as I love being a Mummy and having two absolutely amazing little boys to love. I've spoken about five of the things I find the most challenging on a daily basis over on my youtube channel (the video is embedded below if you'd like to watch it). Things like meal times, splitting myself and finding a balance are things I've struggled with and still do. What do you find the most difficult about being a parent? Please leave me a comment below as I'd love to hear from you. 

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