White Noise And Baby Sleep

I remember with both of my boys how as little babies they'd be sleeping in their tiny little car seats in the back of the car and then we'd stop at traffic lights and "Waaah" BOOM they'd wake up and start crying. It always made Adam and I laugh. But they say it's because young babies get a lot of comfort from white noise sounds - sounds of things that they would have heard when they were all tucked up inside of their Mummy's wombs.

I could defintely see this in both of my boys. I remember using white noise with Ethan when he was tiny and going through a bit of a phase where it was quite hard to get him to settle for sleep, I decided to give white noise a go to see if it would help and it did! We've just recently introduced a cot mobile with Logan which we use when we go to settle him for his naps and bedtime because I definitely think there's something that soothes babies about certain sounds and songs. It's just a comfort for them isn't it? I guess asides from the fact it's noises they would have heard from within their Mummy's tummy when they were growing, white noise may actually help babies feel like there's things going on around them and people still about, even if they are laying in their cot/crib by themselves.

If you're looking to try out White Noise for sleep with your baby I really like Fade Away Sleep Sounds, they have a really good selection of baby sleep sounds, you can listen to 30 seconds of every track on their website or listen to the full 60 minute tracks over on their youtube channel. What I like about them is that compared to other white noise tracks from other companies, these actually have a slow, gradual fade to silence at the end of every track, so they help settle your baby but also wean them off of sound at the same time.

Their washing machine white noise video (which I've shared below) seems to be the most popular as it has over 7000 views, so white noise is clearly something that a lot of other parents are turning to!

I'm one of those parents who is willing to give anything a go, I think whatever helps settle your baby is worth doing, us parents need as much rest as we can get! Often it is difficult for babies to make the transition from being snug and tucked up inside the womb to the outside world that we provide for them and so if white noise can help them with that transition than I think it's so got to be worth trying!

Have you tried white noise to help settle your baby? If so, did you notice any difference?



  1. I'm really hoping that Ewan works as well for Iris when she's born as he did for Lucas! If not then this post is bookmarked so I can go back and find the white noise! Toddlers and newborns, both who don't sleep scare me! haha.

  2. We love white noise!! Only used it for the second babe, and only once she'd reached about 6 months. It was when we realised we could use it in each of the children's rooms and they then wouldn't wake each other up when crying out! We still use it, as it drowns out any noise of the toddler at nap time. Also, we have really squeaky floors, and I remember with Logan, if he'd wake in the night, we'd spend ages then trying to creep out without waking him. Now with Molly, she can't hear any of the floors creaking...we can go in and out of her room as we please!! Massive white noise convert over here!

  3. I've heard about adult using white noise to aid sleep. I've never seen it being used for kids.