Preparing a Child to Move House

Childhood is full of milestones, taking their first steps, their first teeth, his or her first haircut and, of course, the first day of nursery, and then school. All of these are important points of your child’s life that come with a special set of challenges. Another of those big moments in a childs life is moving house and today I am sharing some ideas on how best to prepare your child before moving day.

Keep your stress levels low
According to a recent poll 61% of Brits categorised moving home as the most stressful event in their life. Recognising the fact that moving is hard, and doing everything you can to keep stress levels as low as possible is essential. If you do not want your children to worry too much about moving, you need to present a calm front. A good estate agent and financial advisor will help you to do this.
A good estate agent will quickly give you the information you need to make an informed decision and choose a great home for your family. There is no need to eat into playtime by spending hours searching online to find out which areas within your price range have the best schools. A good estate agent will tell you this almost instantly. York estate agents have got a good reputation and are said to be extremely professional and accommodating.
Prepare your child 
Telling your child that you are moving is important. They need time to adjust to the fact that there is a big change in their lives coming up. But, you don't want to worry them unnecessarily, so it is probably best to wait until you are reasonably sure that the move will take place before raising the subject. That way you will be in a position to answer many of their most important questions. Most kids focus on whether they will still be able to see friends and family, and what their room, garden and the park is like. 
Get your children involved
Moving is exciting, as well as stressful, after all it is a fresh start. Convey this fact to your children and get them involved if you can. There are many ways to do this.
For example, letting them pack soft furnishings, and add scrunched up newspaper to boxes to protect items is a safe way to get them involved. If you are planning to decorate when you move, getting the kids involved in choosing how their room will look is usually a good idea.
Get some help
Packing, re-directing your mail, getting the finances in place, and a long list of other tasks is going to eat into your time. It is important to be realistic about what needs to be done, and get as much help as you can. If you can afford to do so, use a removals firm.
Arranging for your children to be looked after by someone else on moving day is always a good idea. It will allow you to focus and get on with things.


  1. Great tips, especially getting them involved!

  2. We are going to face this in one or two weeks time. Very overwhelming. xx