Saying Hello to Autumn

I don't think I'll ever be that person that welcomes the colder seasons of the year with open arms. I'm a summer girl and I could quite easily name one hundred reasons as to why Summer is the season for me. Mostly I love being able to spend so much time outside exploring new places and especially so as a Mum. Staying indoors with young children all day because it's too cold to go outside is generally not that much fun. 

But whilst Autumn does mean the start of colder weather and darker evenings, it isn't quite the end of days out exploring. In fact with nature changing so much there's probably more to look at and see this time of year. I just bought Ethan a sticker activity book which is called Autumn Nature Trail and is from The Gruffalo brand. It hasn't arrived yet, but it looks great. It has different signs of Autumn to spot in it, things to collect, Autumn colours to find and pages to write about our Autumn days out. So I'm quite looking forward to doing that with him. 

With Adam still being in to his Pokemon catching he's always wanting to go out for walks too and so we're not letting the colder weather put us off. The boys were kindly sent new waterproof raincoats from Lighthouse Clothing and they've been perfect for Autumn so far as not only are they great for the rainy days but they've been keeping the boys warm too as they have a cosy fleece lining inside. They are my favourite coats that they own at the moment and I love how they look adorably co-ordinated when they wear them!

It seems odd to be all wearing our coats again, I know most people say that our warm weather doesn't hang around much here in the UK, but I felt like we had a lot of coat-free time. But now it's time to accept that it's all about the warm coats, boots, long scarves, gloves and the umbrellas again. But whilst Autumn may not be my favourite month of the year it's certainly not a month we plan to hibernate just yet, we have conkers to collect, leaves to kick, new places to explore and many more Pokemon to hunt! ;)

*The boys were gifted their lovely raincoats by Lighthouse Clothing. They are both wearing the Ollie Waterproof Hooded Raincoats. Ethan is wearing the Shark print and Logan has the Lighthouse Print. You can find them both here. :)


  1. They're so cute in those little raincoats!

    1. Thank you. I really like their new coats and it's nice to have something they look co-ordinated in for outside! x

  2. Gorgeous jackets. For some reason I find it very hard to find autumn jackets. I bought Matthew a new jacket in Next but to be honest it's too warm to wear now. I got his name it coat out again which is more like a winter coat but it is better than the one I bought recently.

  3. Lovely photos. Where has the year gone? Hard to find waterproof jackets that are not pink for my girls...grrrr !!!