5 Ways To Make Family Home Improvements More Affordable

The cost of raising children is not small is it? I feel very fortunate that Adam and I were able to save up and afford our recent loft conversion and bedroom makeovers this year. It certainly wasn't easy saving up for the work for the house when so much of our money goes towards raising our boys. Today on my blog I am working with Windor to share 5 ideas of ways to make home improvements more affordable for families.

1. Look for second hand furniture that's cheaper and that you can potentially upcycle
So my first idea is around looking for second hand furniture via places like Gumtree, eBay or Freecycle. I've seen some really nice pieces of furniture for sale on eBay that has sold for a great price to the buyer before. I have never done it myself, but I like the idea of up upcycling furniture and making it your own. I've seen it done before on a few other blogs and the result always leaves me so surprised as the finished piece of furniture always looks brand new. I think you'd need to be able to invest time on this, but if you've got the time, its seems to be a great way of saving money. 

2. Choose a new rug rather than replacing the flooring in a room 
If you want to replace the flooring in a room but your budget won't allow for it, maybe try adding a new rug to the room or replacing an existing one. This not only would give the room a bit of a new fresh clean look, but also distract from any marks/scratches or any other problems that there might be with the flooring until you can afford to replace it. 

3. Make better use of unused spaces
If you have an area of unused space in your house it might be worth having a think about how you can get better use out of it. Perhaps creating a mini office space underneath the stairs? Or think about how you might be able to use the height of a room a little more by adding things like shelving units. 

4. Look for deals, promotions and 0% finance offers.
As I'm writing this post in collaboration with Windor it would be silly of me not to mention them. If you haven't heard of them already than they are a Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire based home improvements and double glazing company. They are currently offering 0% finance on all of their double glazing, which means that if you wanted to treat your home to brand new windows or a brand new door (or conservatory) then you could buy now and pay later, making the idea of getting a new door or new windows seem a lot more affordable. 

5. Implement simple changes to rooms before having them totally made over. 
Adding mirrors to rooms can make them seem bigger and more spacious. Giving a room a new coat of paint can dramatically change the way it looks. Even having a declutter and moving furniture about can really improve a room. So if you're on a budget, try a few simple changes before totally re-doing a room as you may find that something as simple as giving a room a new paint colour could change the way you feel about the room as whole. 

I hope these tips are of some use! Have you got any home improvements planned soon?

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  1. Some great tips sweetie. We recently gave the hall way a little make over, I always love adding little bits here and there to change the feel of a space but without it costing a fortune x