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I am so excited to share this product here on my blog today, mostly because I haven't seen anything like it before and I think it is an absolutely amazing 4-in-1 product for new parents. Not only is The MULTY a beautiful looking crib that would suit any modern nursery, it is a highchair, a child's seat and then storage for your little ones toys. Four stunning looking, practical products in one!

The MULTY, MULTY review,


White wooden cribs like this one look beautiful next to any proud new parents bed or in a baby's nursery. But this isn't just any old white wooden crib. This crib asides from being able to transform in to three other essential products that you need for your little one, is able to be positioned in a tilting position at varying angles to aid babies that suffer with colic or reflux (something that around 40 percent of babies suffer with). You can also gently rock the MULTY crib, something that I think is an added bonus. My youngest Son Logan's crib had a rocking feature and it sent him off to sleep everytime. The crib is a great size to allow your baby to use it for many months, but compact enough to sit nicely next to your bed in your bedroom. 

The MULTY, MULTY review,


I love how cleverly The MULTY transforms in to a highchair for when your baby is ready to start their weaning journey and again, I LOVE the contemporary design of it. Being a product that transforms in to other products, I wondered if perhaps each stage would be a little basic and perhaps details might have been missed or skipped, but they haven't. I love how much thought has gone in to each stage of this product even right down to how it is used for toy storage in it's fourth stage.

As a highchair The MULTY features a curved design which allows the chair to be pulled up close to the dining table so that your baby can eat or sit up at the table with the rest of the family. It is height adjustable which means it grows with your little one and it features a removable table and optional plastic cover tray. Even the footrest is adjustable!  


When your little one is older the MULTY can then very easily transform in to a childs seat, which I think is another awesome aspect to this product. 


I absolutely love that the MULTY transforms in to a storage solution too! When you are no longer using the crib and have turned the MULTY in to a highchair, this part of the crib turns in to this lovely looking storage unit, which is perfect to hold toys or whatever you want it to hold. It features a shelf and two baskets as well as a side storage compartment. I really like how it looks - I totally wouldn't have even realised that it used to be a crib if I hadn't already known!

The MULTY (RRP £179.99) is a product that is not only high quality and visually great but that is versatile too. It's something that can be used form birth up until the age that your little one is around ten years old. The different aspects of this one product mean that ultimately it's saving parents money in that they don't need to buy everything separately. It's a very clever, well designed product and I personally absolutely love it.  

If you'd like to find out more about MULTY by Ninnananna click here and/or watch the product video below. 

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  1. Replies
    1. I really really like it! It's such a great product. xx

  2. Wow such a product. Never heard of it but this would be handy indeed for first time parents. I love the way it actually transform into a storage unit as well. Looks really robust too.

    1. Me too! SO impressed about the storage as a final stage, really clever! x

  3. Oh wow. What a fantastic product!

  4. This is amazing! So inexpensive as well for so many uses. I want another baby now just so I can buy this and use it in all four stages x

  5. I wish I'd seen this before. It would be perfect for my three little girls.

    Daphne Sullivan

  6. now that is stunning! i so wish i had seen this before we got Jacobs its beautiful and super handy