For so long now I've not felt like 'me'. 

For nearly 14 years, that's half of my life, I've felt like 'us'.

Adam and I. My Husband, my best friend, my world. He means much more to me than I can put in to any amount of words. 

He is much more than a Husband to me. Much more than just Daddy to our two children. In fact, he's much more than he will ever truly know. 

Since we were teens he's stayed true to me, to himself, to us. He's been there through every bad, through every good. 

I'm not that 14 year old girl anymore and he's no longer that same 14 year old boy. What we thought, what we wanted, our views on life, our favourite things, our hobbies, our responsibilities, it's all changed. But one thing has always remained, never changing, always staying the same and that is the way that I love him.

I feel no differently than I did that first moment that I saw him. Call it love at first sight, call it fate, call it finding my soul mate, whatever it was - I knew back then in that very first moment. One look and the girl that's never really been much of a people person, felt like she had found 'home'. 

He picks me up when I feel lost. He holds my hand when I feel scared. He looks past when I'm in the wrong. He gets my jokes when no one else does. He champions the person I am and everything that I do when I criticise myself. He shows me the way when I don't know how. He doesn't care whether or not I wear make up. He makes me feel like a jolly drunk when I am sober.  He along with the children that we created together are the reason that I look forward to each day.  

It's been four years since I said "I do'. Four years since I became his wife. But four is just a number, because four seems pretty insignificant when you know that something is forever. 

My sweetheart, I love you like I always have. Thank you for sharing life with me. xx

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  1. Happy Anniversary! This is beautiful Alex and the way you feel about each other comes across so often in your posts. I hope you have a lovely day x

    1. Thank you so much Laura, that's so lovely of you to say. xx

  2. This is so beautiful! Happy Anniversary to the both of you! You can tell how deeply you love each other, and it's so clear you truly are soul mates xx

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Happy anniversary to both of you. xx

  4. Such a beautiful post. Its clear to see how much love and respect you have for each other. Happy Anniversary! xx

  5. Ahh you guys are SO cute and you are such a lovely family :) Congrats xx

  6. awww what a beautiful thing to say. You have found your soul mate and that is truly priceless.
    Have a lovely day.


  7. Such a beautiful family.


  8. Happy late anniversary! Such a beautiful couple and family x