Functional Night Lights That Will Look Great In Your Child's Room

Night lights can help make your children's room look cosier and they can also be a source of comfort to some babies and children offering reassurance at night time. They have other functions too such as helping children see where they are going at night if they get out of bed. Today I am sharing a look at some great night lighting ideas that would look fantastic in any child's bedroom. 

The light you can see above is one that we have in Logan's star-themed bedroom. It's a great addition, it looks lovely during the day switched off and then makes the room look super cosy at night when it's switched on. 

It's the star battery light up circus letter from Festive Lights and it looks great free standing or hung up (it comes with a hook on the back so that you can hang it if you wish). 

We also have the moon battery light up circus letter, which like the star, features bright warm white LEDs and looks great in Logan's nursery and really helps set the theme we've gone for. 

A favourite night light of ours has got to be our plug in fish night light with it's colour changing LED's and light sensor. This night light looks amazing at night when lit up, I love the underwater theme! It even features real flowers inside (the fish are plastic obviously ;).). It not only looks great, but is really functional too, featuring a motion sensor which lights up when any motion is detected. 

It's just £5.99 (which I think is an absolute bargain) from Festive Lights and offers reassurance, lets children see where they are going if they get out of bed at night, looks fantastic and is a great comforting visual for any child. Its definitely one of our firm favourites! 

This battery night light lamp with motion sensor is really lovely and is the sort of light you could use anywhere due to its modern design. It detects motion up to a range of 4m and will switch on and then switch off again automatically after 20 seconds if it no longer detects any movement. 

It's perfect for a nursery or child's room, but would also be perfect for camping or using in a dark space like an attic as it's battery operated. It's a bit of a steal, as it's currently on offer for just £5.59 here

I think these blue bottle baby fairy lights are pretty awesome, so I thought I would finish up this post with these! I've not seen anything like them before, but how nice would they look in a young babies nursery? It's a pretty unique way of adding a cosy lighting feature to your little ones room! They'd also be great for something like a baby shower! They can come in either blue or pink and look absolutely beautiful.

I hope you've enjoyed browsing through my night light picks and favourites! Which is your favourite out of the ones that I've shared?

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  1. I love the star one! So simple and pretty!

  2. Thanks for sharing this...we will be putting our daughter into her bed soon so could do with something in case she does get out of bed. We've been looking at those that you can set a timer on to show thèn it's morning and attempt to keep them in bed a little longer lol! Just found your blog!x

  3. I love that motion one, what a great idea and a brilliant price. Like you say that would be ideal for camping x