5 Ways You Can Update Your Child's Room on a Budget

We've recently redecorated a few rooms in our house including our 3 year old's room. We've gone for a plane-themed bedroom for our plane-mad little man and it was so nice to be able to have a bit of a blank canvas, as we had had the room painted and new flooring laid. 

Today I thought I'd write a post about somethings that you could do to refresh or update your little ones's room if you're on a budget and not doing an entire room makeover. I hope you'll like my ideas! 

1. Design you own prints and print at home. 

We love modern, personalised prints in our house. Sticking with the plane theme I designed this print for Ethan's room using the free to use website picmonkey.com. I imported the clipart plane silhouette by clicking on the butterfly (overlays) and then clicking on 'Add your own'. I then just changed the colour of it and designed the rest of the print around it. I've done a star-themed print for Logan's bedroom which I'll be sharing a picture of on my blog soon when his room tour goes up. 

2. Use cheap frames. 

If you do end up making your own prints at home, then you can pick up super cheap frames from places like IKEA for as little as around £1.50. You can get different colours too which would look awesome in a child's room. 

You could frame things like drawings or creations that your little one has done, to make the frames more personal. You could even make a newborn keepsake frame using your child's hospital wristband, scan pictures, congratulations cards and/or their first outfit. 

3. Add wall decals. 

Wall decals are really popular at the moment and are a really quick way to fill empty walls in a room and a great way to add character ad personality too. They don't have to be expensive either. You can even get personalised wall stickers - things like a plane with your little boys name on it just as an example. They're are some really great options out there! Check out tenstickers.co.uk to get more of an idea of what's available.

4. Buy or make garland/bunting

I love garland! I can't get enough of it. I was so excited to find a great garland for each of my boys rooms to display above their blinds (which have been made safe and child-friendly). I think a great place to find garland is on etsy, but it can be pricey. So check places like Amazon and eBay as they are also great for finding some really nice looking garlands.

I think they make such a nice addition to a childs room, Logan's only cost me a few pounds from Amazon I think (it's a star garland) and they can also inject a bit more of your little ones personality in to the room too. Ethan has a plane garland obviously! ;) 

5. Display their books with cheap picture ledges. 

The IKEA RIBBA picture ledges work amazingly for displaying your little ones books too! Plus they're not too expensive at all! We've used one for years now for Ethan's books, but we recently added another as his book collection has grown! It's my favourite way to display his books and bring a lot of colour to the room too! 

I hope this post has given you some ideas! Happy decorating! :) 

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  1. Fantastic ideas! Your boys room is gorgeous.
    I love everything.

  2. These are great tips..I love that adventure awaits print you made!

    1. Thank you! It really helps set the theme in his room and was so simple to make! x

  3. Fab post Alex...love your ideas and have written a few down for when we start work on our little girls bedroom. I've been wondering where those shelves were from too so thank you! x
    The Enchanting Blog

  4. Great ideas, I love making prints and Picmonkey is great for it!! :) xx

    1. Thanks Hayley! Yeah it's really good and saves lots of money in terms of not having to buy prints. xx