A Review of Our KIDDY Smartfix

KIDDY Smartfix

We've had our KIDDY Smartfix for a good few months now. We have it in our main family car and so get so much use out of it.  We've found that since having it getting Ethan in and out of the car has become so much easier. It uses the main car seat belt and because of his age, Ethan can get in and out himself and then waits for us to buckle him in. 

Safety is obviously really important to us and we love that the ISOFIX connector provides a secure attachment to the car. We have ISOFIX car seats in both mine and Adam's cars and it just provides reassurance knowing that the car seat is connected with it. 

This car seat was awarded a 'good' result in stringent safety tests and experts have highlighted that the Smartfix has a 'very low risk of injury' in the case of a side impact, which again is something that helps to reassure us when it comes to his in-car safety. It has high performance impact absorbing materials built in to the head and shoulder areas and also features a KIDDY shock absorber which reduces the force created upon impact in the event of a head on collision.

KIDDY Smartfix

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to car seats, but comfort is important too. I love that with the Smartfix, Ethan has room to grow without ever having to be uncomfortable. It has 14 adjustable head and shoulder positions to fit with his height and width, as well as three leg extension stages. These can all be adjusted really easily using just one hand. 

The soft padding seems really comfortable for him and the Soft-Tex material helps regulate his temperature by absorbing moisture and increasing air circulation. Ethan has fallen asleep in his car seat on many many occasions and has sat nicely in it for the duration of long car journeys when we've been on trips and has always looked really comfortable.

The Smartfix will grow with him from approximately 15kg to 36kg and even comes with a machine washable cover, because we all know how mucky kids car seats get! 

It comes in so many different colours; we went for the Singapore because we felt like it would look the most modern in our car and we weren't wrong - we love it! 

KIDDY Smartfix

For a car seat for Ethan's age (3) that will grow with him for many years, we're so pleased that we have the Smartfix from KIDDY, it's a really great car seat that we can't really fault. 

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Product provided for an honest review. All thoughts are entirely my own. 



  1. I agree with you about Isofix and all our car seats have them. This looks a lovely car seat and Ethan definitely looks happy in it. I will make a note of this one for when Holly gets bigger. I love that Alice can get in out of her car set now, its so much easier. x

    1. It's been really good for him. It is so much easier with these stage of seats isn't it? So much easier when they can climb in themselves. xx