Exercise and Parenting

Recently you may well have caught our parent-friendly workout ideas feature over on the online health and life magazine Vitality. It was so fun to take part with my youngest Son Logan.

Us busy Mum's can often struggle to make time for ourselves during the day and so it's nice when we can find something that we can sort of multi-task, by keeping baby entertained whist also doing something for ourselves. 

I'm definitely not the fittest person I know. I've never really been that in to health and fitness, but I'm really starting to see the importance as my boys are getting older. Being a Mum to children means having the energy to keep up with them. (How do children have so much energy anyway? I swear my boys have the most energy when they're in fact tired!).

Ethan's at an age where he wants me to run around playing planes with him and where he wants to run around the park together. He wants to kick/throw the ball to each other and generally be just as active as he can be! And soon my little sofa-surer Logan will be walking too and I'll have two little active boys to keep up with!

I'd love to join the gym again (I used to go a good few years ago now). I actually quite enjoyed it when I was a member of the gym, I find that exercise actually makes me feel more motivated and somehow I seem to have more energy after a little workout. I'm sticking with (mini) home workouts every now and again at the moment, but perhaps when the boys are in school/nursery in a few years, I might join the gym again. Because even if it is for fitness, it will still give me an excuse to spend a bit of money on some new clothes using the exclusive Myprotein discount codes over on gym-talk.com.

I recently had a sports massage on my back, to see if it would help with my scoliosis pain and the man doing it suggested coming along for some personal training sessions to help improve my overall fitness and increase my muscle strength. I hadn't really thought about this before, but I quite like the idea of having a personal trainer to help me in the areas that could do with the most work. So that's definelty something to consider for the future! 

If you'd like to you can have a read of my parent-friendly workout ideas by clicking here.

As a parent, do you exercise? If so - do you find that it gives you more motivation?

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