5 Ways You Can Make The Most Out Of Your Small Bathroom

We have two bathrooms in our house, or actually one main bathroom and our new ensuite. Both are tiny - but they both do what they're intended for. I think when you have a small bathroom it's about not overdoing on the clutter if you want it to appear bigger than it really is and seem more spacious. Below I'm going to share with you my top tips for how you can get the most out of your small bathroom. 

1. Hang your bath towels on the back of your door

If you have a normal style bathroom door and not a bi-fold door then hanging your bath towels on the back of the door saves having them hanging somewhere else in your bathroom. Bath towels normally take up a bit of room as they're quite large and having them on the back of the door will mean you save that space and that your bathroom will look a lot less cluttered. 

2. Let in the light

Natural light generally helps rooms to appear bigger than they are. The darker a room, the smaller it usually feels. (Something to remember when decorating). Bring in as much light to your bathroom as you can. We've purposely not hung the blind on this window as to let more light in. If you don't have a window in your bathroom (we don't in our main bathroom) then use mirrors. We have big mirrors in our other bathroom that cover huge blank spaces on the walls and really helps to open up the room and make it feel larger. 

3. Think carefully about your storage options

You will undoubtedly have toiletries and such that you will want to store in your bathroom. In our ensuite, we keep our toiletries hidden as to keep clutter to a minimum. We have a huge mirrored bathroom cabinet, which holds absolutely loads of our things. It bounces light from the window too and obviously is used as our main bathroom mirror. Our sink unit is attached to the wall which means we can store spare toilet rolls underneath it hidden from view and the unit itself has a large drawer that again we store bathroom toiletries in. This way everything that could make the bathroom looked cluttered is hidden.

4. Choose the right shower of bath to suit your room. 

This tip is really more for those who are thinking about a total bathroom makeover or are currently designing what will be their new bathroom space. Make sure that you choose a shower (or a bath) that works for your space. We choose this frameless pentagonal shower enclosure, as it almost disappears into the corner adding to the sense of space in the room. For those with mobility issues, you can get some really lovely, contemporary walk-in showers and baths from places like premierbathrooms.co.uk which also don't take up a huge deal of room. So choose wisely!

5. Don't overdo on the little touches

I guess this one's more personal than anything, but I feel like if you have a small room then it's best to try and limit little touches/ornaments. It's absolutely great to have them, they do add personality and character to a room after all, but don't overdo on them on your room could end up looking a little bit cluttered. 

I hope that this has been helpful. If you're currently redecorating your bathroom, what advice would you give?


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  1. Our ensuite is small, but does the job! I agree about not adding a blind to help with the light coming in. I love the shape of your shower, I think ours would have been as a corner one but it was already here when we moved in x

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased with our little space, it's better than I had imagined. It's nice when it all finally comes together. X

  2. Aah it's so clean and new looking! Our ensuite is larger than our main bathroom, that the boys use, but it's so ancient!! We've got a cast iron, claw footed bath with an old fashioned shower over the top. I look at yours and think how nice it would be to have modern fittings!! One day maybe! ;) Thanks so much for sharing lovely, Caro x #HomeEtc

  3. Looks so fresh! You've done a great job and it is really practical too :) Thanks for linking up xx #HomeEtc

    Jess xx

  4. We've just had our bathroom done. We've gone for grey and white so although it could be quite dark it does look bigger than it did. We are looking at storage possibilities and I love yours, they'd work really well. Less is definitely more. I agree about the no clutter. Such a lovely bathroom!

  5. Your bathroom looks amazing, and these tips are great. Thanks for sharing on #HomeEtc