Feeling Body Confident & SOS Science of Skin

Recently I published a video over on my youtube channel about my thoughts on my body since becoming a Mum. If you haven't seen it yet, you can find it here and I'll embed it below at the bottom of this post too. 

In my video I talk about the fact that actually since having my boys I've felt at my most confident body-wise. It's funny because that super flat stomach and neat little belly button I once had is no more. And whilst I'm not saying I'm overweight, I do have the excess stomach skin, the belly-button that looks nothing like the original belly button I once had and stretch marks. 

But that's OK, because whilst I have these things, I also have two beautiful little children to show for it. Two beautiful little children that my body made and safely delivered to us. 

I believe that for me, feeling happy and content in my life plays a huge part in why I feel the most content I've ever felt with my body. Also my Husband still loves my body and is proud of what my body has achieved for us in terms of growing our family. 

I mentioned in my video about how my stretch marks don't really bother me too much and how I almost feel a little proud of them. But I also talk about how when I gave birth to my boys, my stretch marks were red, angry-looking and almost resembled something similar to Google Earth (thanks Mum!). Of course, I knew the redness would eventually go down and just leave the silver lines they are today, but to help speed up this process I liked to and still sometimes use stretch mark creams and oils just to keep the redness away. 

One brand I've been using recently is the SOS Science of Skin stretch mark solutions which is vegetarian society approved and also vegan. It contains naturally active ingredients and targets redness as well as helping to soothe and calm skin. The Stretch Mark Defence spray is actually a new one for me in terms of having a spray form of stretch mark defence, it's nice because it absorbs quickly and there is far less oily residue. 

I try to use these twice a day, once in the morning and then again after my evening shower. My stretch marks really aren't that red anymore, but I sort have just fallen into a habit of using them as a moisturiser too because I really like them. 

I think when it comes to body image, there's no 'perfect'. Perfection is different to every single person. I think it's abut finding a way to be happy in our skin. Body image is such a personal thing to every single person, we've all got a story to tell about our bodies. We've mostly all been there in terms of not liking something on our bodies - I know I have as a teen. Perhaps distraction is the answer - perhaps for me, being a busy Mama and being busy with my children makes me worry less about the things I used to. 

How do you feel about your body since becoming a Mum? 

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  1. I didn't feel good after giving birth to my first child Matthew. I just couldn't lose the weight but I think it was mainly because I went through the summer with the pregnancy which wasn't easy.
    Then after my second child was born I suddenly lost all the weight and I am back to the weight I used to be 10 years ago which is brilliant. I do have the stretch marks and all that too but same as you I am proud of them too. I bought two new bikinis for our summer holiday coming up next week.

  2. I had always been confident in my body, mainly because my mother and sisters were so outgoing and comfortable in their own skin that it seemed natural to be happy with my skin, shape and hair. I never had a problem, until I started to put on weight when I first got pregnant...I felt like a lump and so ungainly that it knocked my confidence for a while. My husband was very supportive and I began to recover my old sparkle. After my first daughter was born I regained my old weight and size quickly. After my second daughter it took a bit longer to get back and for a while I was two dress sizes bigger. I don't mind stretch marks as they are hidden and only my husband sees them...and he says he loves them!! It's good you got your confidence back , Alex, it's so important to love ourselves first. As women we are amazing because we are able to give birth to our lovely children...how wonderful is that !!