8 Tips for Transitioning Your Child in to Their Big Bed

If your little one is showing signs that they're ready to move to their 'big' bed from their cot or cot bed then here are some tips to hopefully make the transition a little easier.

8 Tips for Transitioning Your Child in to Their Big Bed

1. Wait until they and you are ready. 

Don't feel like you have to rush just because you have a friend with a child the same age who no longer sleeps in a cot/cot bed. All children are different, so wait until you feel your little one is ready. 

2. Choose a bed they'll love. 

There are so many amazing children beds around these days and you don't just have to shop in store. Websites like Bedsos have a great choice of beds for both children and adults. For children there's even a racing car and a princess carriage bed. How awesome is that?!

3. Think about safety. 

Maybe choose a bed that's low to the ground or at least think about whether or not your little one will need a bed guard. (These can be removed at a later date, when your child is ready). 

4. Make a thing of the move to the new bed. 

We did this with Ethan - we built up a lot of excitement about how he was moving to his 'big boy' bed and how amazing it was. He was so excited when we showed him and he just sat there on it for ages feeling super proud! 

5. Distraction. 

Likewise if you think making a thing about it would make your little one feel nervous or unsettled, perhaps buy something else for the room (maybe a new lamp or something like that). This might help shift the focus off of the bed and on to something else really cool or exciting in the room. 

6. Maybe invest in some night lights. 

Night lights can offer children a lot of reassurance and as with the point above, perhaps even a welcome distraction. 

7. Keep to the bedtime routine.

 Keep things as they were in terms of routine. Carry on with bath time, reading books and anything else you have always done with bedtimes.

8. Stay persistent. 

There may be a few sleepless nights as your little one adjusts to sleeping in their new bed. Reward your little one when they do stay in bed all night by telling them how amazing they're doing in the new bed and always enforce positivity about getting a new (exciting) bed. 

Good luck with the transition! How does/did your little one feel about moving to a new bigger bed? 

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  1. Matthew moved into his big boy bed a year ago. I didn't think the move would go smooth. I would have moved him into it way earlier. We had his favourite character bedding as well. He loved it. He still does but only sleeps half the night in it now. Think it's got to do with his sister being here now the Last 18 months.