Two Of Our New Favourite Books

Finding new books to read has got to be one of our favourite things!

I know that if I let myself, I could easily spend a small fortune on new books for the boys. There's just something about reading a story for the very first time and the smell of a brand new book isn't there?!

We're always adding to our children's book collection.. Ethan has so many books that he enjoys, but at the moment we are loving two very unique new books in particular. 

The first book is the above - The Little Boy Who Lost His Name. Whilst it may look like an ordinary sort of book, it's actually is really rather unique and that's because inside it's totally personalised for Logan. 

The story starts with a little boy who has just woken up from his sleep who gets a big surprise - he's forgotten his name! So he gets dressed and brushes his teeth and then sets off on a big magical adventure to see if he can find it. 

He meets many characters on his travels, each needing a little help with something different. After he helps them all out they each help him to recover a letter of his name, until finally he gets enough letters to spell out and remember his name.

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name isn't just a magical tale, it's a story that is totally personalised to your little one's name. The characters he or she meets all depend on the letters in their name. For example for L, Logan met a Lion who was lonely and wanted someone to play with. And for G it was a very big giant.

Whilst Logan at 11 months is too young to fully appreciate the story and the personalisations, I know that when he gets older he'll really love it. 

I know for certain, that I myself would have really cherished this as a child.

The second book we have been loving is by the very same company - Lostmy.name, who are 100% independent and self-published. The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home is another totally personalised book about two friends who go on a secret trip through deep space a billion light years from their home without anyone knowing. 

The book has again been totally personalised, I was able to choose between a boy or a girl when ordering and then also choose what I wanted my adventurer to look like and their name. It's totally personalised with Ethan's name and it even has Ethan's name written in the stars on one page! 

My absolute favourite thing about this book and something I find utterly incredible is the below page.

It isn't just an aerial view of a collection of random houses - it's an aerial view of the area in which we actually live - I am able to pick out our actual house! Which I think is absolutely incredible! How amazing is it for a childs imagination and as a fantastic keepsake for when they're older?!  

Both of these books are absolutely brilliant and they are printed with a real high quality. They are £19.99 each, but I think they would make an ideal gift for children aged probably 4 and over for things like birthdays or Christmas. Personally I think that they aren't just books, I feel like they are the sort of thing that children can cherish throughout their childhood and that would then go away in their keepsake box for them to hold on to when they're older.

If you'd like to find out more about these books then you can visit www.lostmy.name or find the company who make them over on  facebook or twitter

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