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I often think about how much the cats have been through with Adam and I. We've had Sooty (pictured) and Sammy since we first moved in together at 19. We got Charlie later after wanting to adopt a rescue cat - Charlie didn't take his big bright eyes off us the entire time we were at the cat shelter, so he had to come home with us. Sadly, we lost Shadow last September a day after my 27th birthday. She was pregnant and stray when we took her in and I'll never stop missing her - I think about her all of the time. 

Sooty, Sammy and Charlie have seen a lot, they've seen us move home several times, they've seen us get married and go on to have our first baby and then our second. They've just seen us convert our home and theirs in to a 4 bedroom home, to enable it to be more of a long-term family house for us. 

They've been through a lot with us and they're always there, usually in the evening when the noisy boys are in bed, for a cuddle. 

I like to make sure that the cats still get their special time from us. That Sammy gets lots and lots of cuddles, because I think she thinks she's mine and Adam's third child. That Charlie comes on walks with us and gets included (he thinks he's a dog!) and that Sooty, whilst not as cuddly gets a nice good groom every now and again. It's something she loves and with all that long hair, I'm really not surprised. 

Recently we were sent a FURminator deShedding tool to try with the cats, they are to help prevent pets from shedding hair all over the house and are said to reduce the level of shedding by up to 90%. 

They do this by removing any loose hair from your pet and the end result is that you have a gorgeously groomed pet and a lot less hair on your cloths, sofas, carpets and home. 

I've been using it with Sooty over the past week and she really likes it, although she was at one point a little bit puzzled by Adam standing next to her taking photographs, bless her. I'm sure she'll be glad to be being featured on the blog! 

The FURminator isn't a soft bristled brush, so if your pet prefers those then this probably isn't for you. But Sooty with all of her long hair, doesn't seem to mind whatever brush we use. She just loves having her work of grooming herself done for her and also we both love spending that little bit of time together. I've always felt like grooming the cats helps strengthen our bond a little and gives us some quality time together. 

It surprised me how much hair the FURminator is able to remove. Out of the cat brushes we have this is my new favourite, simply because of how effective I feel it is compared to any of the others. I also really like that I can get under the sides of her chin with it and remove loose hair, because this is where he usually gets knots form. I honestly don't believe that this would happen anymore if I continue to use the FURminator with her regularly. 

Though this isn't a soft brush and the edge is stainless steel, I found it safe to use and found that is easily removed her loose hair without damaging her coat or her skin. (If it had I would have known about it as she would have been off!).

The FURminator features an ergonomic handle for comfort and to make it easier to use. It also has a FURejector button on the back at the top which releases the hair, which makes it quick and easy to get rid of the hair from the tool. 

Overall we really do like the the FURminator and we are pleased to have had the opportunity to try it as it's definitely my new choice of grooming tool to use for grooming time with our cats as I think it's definitely going to help keep Sooty's fur from knotting up. 

You can find out more about FURminator and their professional pet products at www.furminator.net.

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  1. It looks great, I'm sure one of these would be ideal for our cat Kovu! Also, what a beautiful cat Sooty is! Pets really do become such a huge part of your family don't they? :)

    Gemma x
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